What`s Up Belusconi

And what does he do here:



lol, what? honestly?

politicians are human too you know… you just try to imagine what kind of stress they are goin thru by sitting in some long meetings and not being able to have sex for hours!!! so that kind of behavior when they finally get out is not surprising to me at all!!

just for the ones who are wondering, the video posted by twilek is performed by an actor, but I think it’s obvious.

this one is real, instead (happened at European Parliament)

no it-alien, i know you italian people want to belive its fake but its not!! ;)

that is a scene for the movie “Bye Bye Berlusconi”

Rumsfeld is not better
:lol: talking about his intimate momets with Bush

and this is real :)

Aw heck that’s just the nipple slip of a politician. :P

But funny, yeah! Wonder if he joked it off or kept talking seriously afterwards, betting it’s the latter as the vid is cut so early. :)