What Should I Use My Midi Controller For?

Hi Renoisers,

I recently bought a Behrigner BCR2000 controller to use with Reason but have since decided that I don’t like Reason as much as I thought. So, since I’m back to only using Renoise I’m not sure what to use my controller for. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps we could make a list of useful ways to use our controllers with Renoise… Here are a few ideas I’ve thought of:

  • Control the mixer via midi
  • Set up a ‘jamming’ song with midi mappings to control certain effects
  • Use my BCR as a doorstop

As you can see I’m struggling to justify my purchase, so any ideas would be really appreciated :)

If I have time tomorrow I will post a video on youtube showing what to do with Renoise and midi controller. (And linux). :)