What the best way to learn PHP

Hello All, I want to build my career as a php developer and I am looking to online tutorials, Can anyone know what the best way to learn it? Any suggestions.

I suggest following:
by getting a specific (example) project, you will learn much more than just looking at tutorials - by solving specific issues. I think github is full of those ‘example’ tasks and it can help you a lot. I’m not a php programmer, but i did some basic learning for C, golang, python etc… learning this way uses the least of your time and the outcome is excellent - my opinion.


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I picked up a fair bit of php just by having my own WordPress sites and solving individual problems, making little customizations, etc. Having an authentic project really helps you justify putting in the time.

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PHP is Dead, i think. But if you want learn it, theres one method i prefer. learning by doing. :slight_smile:


The reports of PHP’s death are greatly exaggerated. It IS on the way out, but there’s still a huge number of open source projects that use it.
#7 on this list.

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You should try “Project Based Learning”. It’s a lot easier to learn programming by making your own project from scratch.

You can start with any projects with help of any mentor.

PHP is the no.1 script language for web servers. In no way it is dead. Also it is in the recent versions a quite matured OO style language. Not saying it is better than others, but I would guess it runs at least 2 of 3 webpages you are visiting. Usually you want to use a MVC framework and specific design patterns, build your javascript with webpack and use a professional editor like Atom, MSCode or PHPStorm. That is advanced, pretty interesting stuff. For sure you will learn PHP the best in real world scenarios. But those professional coders play in another range, they will use symfony or laravel, doctrine as database abstraction layer and build pages for a huge amount of visitors. So they try do make all database queries most efficient, and try not to involve PHP at all inbetween, so in the end there is just one big, optimized sql query.

And that is another point, if you want to learn PHP, also learn (my)SQL, since a database runs nearly everywhere. Also read about MVC, classes, inheritance, template engines like twig. I wouldn’t loose much time with old style PHP scripting, and wordpress really is one of the worst examples to learn modern php programming.