What The Hell Is This!?!

It’s about one of the new smileys…

What the hell is this supposed to be -> :panic:

What is that black thing above his head? Hair?? If so why is it starting right above his eyes? Shouldn’t there also be a forehead?? :angry:

It could be eyebrows… but that doesn’t make any SENSE!!! Why would his eyebrows be moving and… well sure… he/she may be using mascara but aren’t those a little too full?

Is it a hat? Is it somekind of liquid pouring down over his head? :angry: WHAT?? Ever since it was added to the smiley list it has been tormenting me! :ph34r:


OMG… think I’m loosing it… :unsure:

hehehe… he

hehe eh

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: HAHA AHAHAHAHA AHAHAHHAHAHA :panic: :panic: :panic:

This is the most ridiculous topic I’ve ever seen on this forum :)

Hahaha! thank you! :lol:

Considering some of the things I’ve seen in these forums I guess this is somewhat of an acomplishment. :P

But seriously… in a less psycothic tone… can somebody explain this smiley: :panic: .


it´s cosmo kramer :lol:

Hm, if it’s his eyebrows… Then he must use mascara. In other words, it’s a true, shocked GAY smiley!!! :panic:

Don’t you get it? It’s Bernard from “Day of the Tentacle” :panic:

:w00t: <-- high on extacy
:dribble: <-- high on watermelons
:walkman: <-- high on Renoise
:eek: <-- simply high, or ‘tall’ in some cultures

:eek: I think this one here would be the ideal girlfriend, but that is a different story *lol

I honestly haven’t understood the reason for such emoticons to be added.
I have been used to the hugly ICQ emoticons… but these used in this Forum are MUCH MUCH BETTER… I have been amazed at the good taste that leaded whoever it was to pick these emoticons we know and are used to.

but :panic: :w00t: :eek: are a total mistery to me.
The only one showing some sort of link to the style of the rest of the emoticons is the WOOT…

It’s the noise you expect to hear coming from a steam train… the old kind, I suppose… you can find people going WOOT when they feel like doing very well on something ( I always hear that on multiplayer games…)
But still I don’t understand why the icon is
1)based on the face of someone “drooling”
The PANIC and EEK emoticons are, anyway, real BAD in terms of graphic appeal… at least, compared to the rest of the past Forum’s emoticons.
The “Graphic approach” is different also in the :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: but they seem to fit the spirit of the Forum somehow… and the YEAH it’s just too cool… I whish the same drawing the base emoticons could come out with an in-style version of the YEAH… :lol:

:dribble: and :w00t: are also very similar. Please, hire an institution which informs us about the difference whenever we use ;) , <_< , :w00t: or :dribble: .

Yes… I see what you mean.
IMHO the ;) is simply depicting a bad “wink”… the mouth goes too straight on the left… so it does not really look like a winking face… while <_< is quite good on being “dry” :) (looking away for a moment with a slightly disappointed face)

:w00t: is in my opinion a real gem. It can be used to express joy, insanity, stupidity or if you are being very, very impatient.

Take a moment and study these examples:


  2. Renoise 1.5 beta 1!!?? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :w00t:


pretty neat stuff huh? ;)