What Time Is It?!?!?

I miss the little clock in the bottom right corner… I had to get up 7am the next day and I’m busy checking 1.5a… oh shit what’s the time?!? Oh, you have to minimise renoise…

Or am I missing the clock?

I hope this has not been mentioned alread…


no, but you are right and have my full support in this one.

I miss the clock also.

no, that was after this post. :)

As a workaround you can use Renoise in windowed mode maximized. Thanks to this Renoise loses it’s borders and fits beautifully into the screen. Only the taskbar with the clock is visible.

But I also miss the clock… Oh well…

The clock would be useful. :)

We want the clock back! :)
The devs must hate us… ;)

As a heavy fullscreen Renoise user I strongly suggest to put the clock back.
A clock is somehow essential if you don´t want to check at which stage the sun is at the moment.

…also I always forget to wear my watch :rolleyes:

joining the Clock Back Kru :yeah:

tak tik? donde estas tick tock?

yo quero tick tock por favor tak tik.

I like using Renoise in Full Screen because I get in a flow with the program that last hours on end. Once 1.5b is out (with a clock hopefully) I will use Renoise 24 hours a day, using several medical devices to keep my biological aspects in check. I will be one with Renoise. Just like that guy on ‘The Fortress’.