What will replace dead dog?

just asking…


Has always been a good alternative and been around since before I started DDRC on here. Used to get quite a lot of exposure but not so much any more. Last thread I can see posted for a round starting was back in January.

I think it should get a bit more attention on here really ;)

I will replace deaddog. I have a million comp and collab ideas. That’s the best thing about Renoise to me. its forum based growth and community. On another note. Are there any other DAWs that have a strong forum behind them? I will never leave renoise because I’ve been in it since 1.2. But i would like to find a nice pairing to use alongside renoise. I feel like the renoise automation setup is lacking for use of a better term. It would be epic if it was vertical like everything else. But I’ll save that for a seperate post.

Other than that i think this would be a good thread for everybody who enjoyed ddrc to submit what they like/
want in an ongoing comp/collab. Really. What is next? A month to month comp where everything is submitted before the end of the month? What we really need is somebody (or a group of people) who are willing to regularly take the time to organize such a feat. Cheers to Kazakore for handling DDRC for so long. I understand how work and life gets in the way of things like this. Even i have a problem meeting deadlines for when i am through with all my daily life tasks i come to find that the competition is either over or too close to over to make anything worth listening to.

As for what I’d like to see in a comp.

Team work: this could be anything from 2v2 to an overall colab where people are still competing to win but also working together to create a group project. Sections given to different people. For example in forming a band each person would specialize in a different instrument such as drums, bass, lead or rhythm, atmosphere, samples, vocals, etc.

Themes: themes are there to be interpeted by competitors. For example. What sounds come to mind when a theme is icey, firey, or futuristic? If a theme is time travel you could end up with a load of dr who references (or back to the future or chrono trigger or donnie darko for that matter)

Simpler samplepacks: well thought out sample packs as opposed to randomly generated sample bunches. Themes comes into play here. If i was going for a theme of firey i could go as far as finding samples of bowsers fire from the original mario bros or freaky flows oldschool ragga dnb track fire.

Monthly deadlines: i tend to think of life as month to month being that bills and rent are due at the end of the month. A month is plenty of time to put together the basis of a track. So to say there is a track due on the 8th of every month is sonething easy to keep track of rather then a rotating schedule.

Creativity: every person involved in an ongoing comp should feel welcome to suggest any ideas that could make the comp stronger and more fun.

That’s all i’ve got for now. I’ve got 2 test comp/colabs in the works right now. One is an ongoing beatbattle with no deadline so it’s finished when it’s finished. The other is more like a role playing game where each player creates a character and collaborates and competes through a narrated story. I’m even going as far as drawing up the characters and scenery for the story.

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The initial idea of DDRC was to try and get a fast turnaround competition going. As I mentioned above there was already SDCompo for those wishing to take around a month per round. OHCs (One Hour Competitions) are known with Renoise (and Tracking/The Scene in general) and sometimes still get organized over IRC as I understand. I wanted something that would fit between the two extremes, and think initially went with 3 days of tracking before consensus from the competitors appears to indicate most people wanted longer round.

Agree with most the other points, I tried to keep it varying and people involved (and wanting to win) by offering the winner the chance to set rules for the next round.

I think I might try and do a special competition each time Renoise goes Gold but don’t count of it always happening. I have had some thoughts for an idea this release, if I have the time and energy when the next version comes out… ;)

nice. what kind of samples ya got?

edit: @ yourlocalloser

Live cat?

I dunno. I’ll throw something together. What’s your ideal for a sample pack? Something massive or something minimal?

Irrelevant. ;)

A compo-samplepack can, and should be, of any kind. That’s why it’s a compo. For us to make something out of the samples provided no matter what. It can be just one sample or 500 samples. Minimal or bombastic, acoustic or electronic, glitchy or orchestra, high-quality or low-quality, cats or dogs, cocks or rosters… well, you get the picture.

Surprise us. Riddle us. Make us sweat for the win.

I’m not unzipping any cock samples!!!

dunno either, but i think a genre based (or some other point of focus) sample pack has it’s merits.

I had a weird idea for a sample pack: every applicant can enter one freely picked sample in to the compo pack. And in total blindness, controlled through the compo organizer. Instant chaos! B)

A live one perhaps or a cat or a pet bird maybe? ^_^

what about a cute pig ?

I want these two:

ahhh… nevermind

I just thought i was in reddit.com/r/awww/ :D