What You Can Do With Just One Break

yeasterday I was making an attempt to this challenge but, all of a sudden, my PC has frozen and the changes I made in the last 10 minutes (my autobackup interval), and which basically where that minutes in which your warped creativity creates the root of the whole song, were lost, so I got upset and trashed the whole file :)

That’s ART in itself itty! Well done!

Thanks for the tip Bantai…

Using one drum loop seams as nice chellenge…

mr_mark_dollin do you still have this xrns somwhere?

( venturing into old nice tips forum posts… )

I found it here. I will reprint it. If there are any problems, I will take it down.
mmd_policy_of_fuzz.xrns (1002.6 KB)

This is a fascinating example. Interesting.

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awh @Foo

thanks for re-posting it here on the forum.

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