What You Put In Aint What You Get Out...why?

made a track

using the reverb and some waves plugins


the result is not the same as when i listen straight to renoise rather than rendered to wav track (32 - 96 perfect)


theres a reason for this,
its for slow running compters.
theres an area under Configs/Audio.
all the way to the left, theres 3 buttons.
highest gives you all dsp.
lowCpu gives you limited use, making it easier to play intensive cpu stuff.
click the buttons an it tell yous

-reverb is cpu intensive-

i dunno if that is set to lowcpu by default, i imagine this is hard for the Devs to decide which way to go.
one side you have users with tuff comps an the other low end.
which way do you go?

The render may indeed sound different if you use different bit depth and sample rate settings for playback. Some VSTs don’t adjust to the change too well. The “perfect” interpolation has also been reported not so perfect before.

If you use lower quality settings for playback, you can troubleshoot by first aligning the render and real-time settings (perfect interpolation is not available in real-time for example) and then changing one parameter step by step rendering it again and again. Then you can check which .wav starts to sound different from real-time playback and there’s the problematic setting for ya. You could then post back with more detailed info (which setting is causing the problems, which plugins are affected and so on…) and maybe you can be helped.

Another way to try and fix this, still assuming your real-time playback settings differ from the ones you are trying to render with, is to temporarily crank those up to check if the sound is more like the rendered wave. If so, you can work in this “mode” and make the required adjustments and then proceed to rendering.

most likely the first reason by raina is the right one: your VST plugin does probably have some problems at rates different than 44khz

See my post below about aliasing that nobody has replied to.

A big part of this is you’re hearing a lot of the aliased frequencies during live playback that won’t be there when you render…

I don’t see any anti-aliasing options during live playback (maybe the CPU low->high options does some anti-aliasing?) so I don’t know how the you’re supposed to guess what you’ll hear rendered…