What You Watching ATM?

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something i stumbled upon few days ago and i love it

+loving how these videos are not involving naked asses, the second is involving some cash tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes me want to learn piano real bad

Youtube algorithms suggested me this, not sure why but I like. Fun to jam over on guitar.

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New artistry by WC Olo Garb:

my rat tailed maggots have a parasite the same as in the second video…are they filarial worms, or a specific species of nematode that seeks out only the rat-tailed maggots (larvae of the drone fly)?..it is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen but it led me to a cool animation about filarial worms which cause elephantitis. It may be a good source of animations for VJs, all this medical computer animation.

could put the medical animations inside the little-known korg captivator…(“video mpc for live VJs”)…

what is this Korg thingy? :face_with_monocle:

its a VJ tool. Hook it up to a projector and mash on the pads…mess with the faders…each of the pads has a video clip assigned to it…just like an mpc but only for video samples, not audio. For the stylish audio-visual presentation aka a gnarly live set. trippy shit in time with the musical performance or just with music thats playing…pretty cool. ‘kaptivator’ with a ‘k’ like ‘korg’ or ‘kaoss’ like the pad

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258 high quality dinosaur reconstructions (gallery 1) by Masato Hattori showing how fluffy they really must have been (now that so many feathered fossils were found)…plus another 7 professional high-grade dinosaur galleries. Excellent


Renoise and MPC1000

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That’s from a belgian television show , iow these are humorous sketches —>actors
The program was called ‘’ in the gloria ‘’

amazing new hardware


For the german guys: There was a great (!!!) documentation yesterday at 3Sat about coal makers in Switzerland:

Great “score” too … I think you can enjoy it even when you are not german.