What Your Looking At ?

just wondering, because of… stuff ?


I never set my monitors at the highest res because anything below 85hz refresh rate hurts my eyes. So I have 3 monitors, two set at 1024x768, and one vertical in between at 768x1024, it looks like this

I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of 1680x1050 replies. It’s more or less standard issue for 15" laptops nowadays. Mine has this one too.

I would’ve preferred a smaller resolution though, as my eyesight is not as good as it was a couple of years ago. It’s fairly easy to customize font sizes and Firefox 3 has pretty nice zoom so it’s not an issue most of the time. Much of Renoise’s interface though is fixed to a pretty small font (everything else but the pattern editor), but I’m adjusting. I’ll be getting a 24" LCD soon, so it won’t be an issue when I’m home at least.

that question is kinda inappropriate for TFT screens, as it wouldn’t be very reasonable to not run the panel at its native (highest) resolution.
no matter what, 1920x1200 is the way to go !

well… that’s what you would expect yeah… but for example my parents use a 19" tft on a 1024x768 resolution because they prefer readability above tight pixels, seems many people actually do…(at least way more then i expected) kinda shocking. :blink:

thx peeps, keep m coming the more the better

You’ve told them they can change their font sizes and stuff, right? :D

But seriously, I cringe whenever I see a TFT which is not set to its native resolution… it’s so damn ugly!

I often wonder if those myspace profiles with the content set offscreen way over to the right are simply indicative of a phallic war between artists… “mwuhahaha!!! my monitor has better resolution than yours!!! … this profile is CENTRED for me!!!”

damn i hate doing myspace profiles - you get it looking tight and then switch to ie to check and wtf? it’s been fucked in the ass…

I started using 1920x1200 a few years ago when I got my laptop. I’ve gotten spoiled by being able to have a ton of windows open and still be able to see everything. I don’t think I could go to anything lower long-term.