What You're Missing In #irc

(8:55:17)PM <mr_mark_dollin> millions of peaches
(8:55:21)PM <mr_mark_dollin> peaches for me
(8:55:25)PM <mr_mark_dollin> millions of peaches
(8:55:29)PM <mr_mark_dollin> peaches for free
(8:55:32)PM <mr_mark_dollin> look out!

  • 9 min, 18 sec
    (9:05:11)PM <mr_mark_dollin> if you had your little way?
    (9:05:31)PM OH WAITZ
    (9:05:36)PM <mr_mark_dollin> \o/
    (9:05:40)PM WRONG RHYME
    (9:05:52)PM <mr_mark_dollin> you’re out of time
    (9:06:15)PM and if that weren’t enough, I don’t have a dime
    (9:06:33)PM but luckily for me here is a bucket of slime
    (9:06:55)PM of which I didn’t aquire from a series of crimes
    (9:07:46)PM it seems my meter is piling up faster than my bathroom grime
    (9:08:26)PM <mr_mark_dollin> how devine
    (9:08:37)PM <mr_mark_dollin> your rhyme is close to sublime
    (9:08:49)PM <mr_mark_dollin> but not as fine
    (9:08:50)PM <mr_mark_dollin> as mine
    (9:08:52)PM <mr_mark_dollin> ;)
    (9:09:14)PM 'cause you’ve commited a crime
    (9:09:23)PM uk grime
    (9:09:43)PM <mr_mark_dollin> slick by design
    (9:09:45)PM the rhyming dictionary may make you seem prime
    (9:09:46)PM i dont want to say it…this time
    (9:09:46)PM damn!
    (9:10:06)PM <mr_mark_dollin> come on, keep in line
    (9:10:41)PM but you’ll eventually get caught if you 'cause of the time it takes you to come up with the pimp rhymes
    (9:10:49)PM *-if you
    (9:11:11)PM <mr_mark_dollin> you’re draggin behind
    (9:11:24)PM though I never said I wasn’t a swine
    (9:11:33)PM this is all about byte’s bathroom slime
    (9:11:44)PM I use the dictionary as much as you drink wine
    (9:12:11)PM that way my lyrical mayhem don’t sound benign
    (9:13:08)PM it makes unfit women shine
    (9:13:08)PM when with them you dine
    (9:13:53)PM <mr_mark_dollin> gah! you’re out of your mind!
    (9:14:01)PM and I can combine devine eloquence which shines like the ring you put in your wife’s fine dining
    (9:15:04)PM but let me switch it up for a bit… I hope this flip doesn’t make you flip
    (9:15:21)PM you had yourself one more sip?
    (9:15:53)PM it’s just that all this cliched rhyming with rhyme was making me want to quit
    (9:16:17)PM <mr_mark_dollin> you’re better off sick, so do it quick
    (9:16:22)PM and to be perfectly honest I didn’t want to split
    (9:16:40)PM <mr_mark_dollin> my mum…! a fit?
    (9:17:00)PM oh come on… you have do admit… my complicated musings are perfectly legit
    (9:17:15)PM certainly, on the real tip
    (9:17:20)PM the internet relay permits me to transmit
    (9:17:41)PM <mr_mark_dollin> so avoid being an absolute git
    (9:17:44)PM enough insanity to make you want to commit
    (9:18:06)PM …yourself… because your wrists, you want to slit
    (9:18:16)PM is offryme ok up in it?
    (9:18:33)PM but let me tell you sonny, you better cool it
    (9:18:50)PM shit
    (9:18:55)PM <mr_mark_dollin> wait a bit…
    (9:19:03)PM before the men in white coats have a go at it
    (9:19:42)PM <mr_mark_dollin> and deem it a perfect fit
    (9:19:44)PM and I don’t mean the ones in the orchestra pit
    (9:19:56)PM <mr_mark_dollin> they just sit
    (9:20:09)PM they’ll deem you a nit, and handle you with mits
    (9:20:10)PM or the ones at parties that are full of wit
    (9:20:22)PM <mr_mark_dollin> avoiding tits
    (9:20:46)PM 'cause for those you need a permit
    (9:20:59)PM and if you lose it
    (9:21:24)PM you’re likely to throw a fit
    (9:21:35)PM though for just a bit
    (9:21:39)PM <mr_mark_dollin> that’s all I’m likely to omit
    (9:22:20)PM what perhaps do you say to going this way?
    (9:22:39)PM <mr_mark_dollin> I say come what may
    (9:22:53)PM you let the old rhyme decay?!
    (9:23:03)PM oh to my dismay
    (9:23:06)PM surely we must obey
    (9:23:13)PM I will define my array
    (9:23:29)PM the same as I do each day
    (9:23:30)PM <mr_mark_dollin> I am gay
    (9:23:42)PM that happened without delay!
    (9:23:47)PM <mr_mark_dollin> hooray!
    (9:23:50)PM can I get a replay?
    (9:23:59)PM after some yay
    (9:24:00)PM is his name jose?
    (9:24:06)PM <mr_mark_dollin> nowai
    (9:24:11)PM did you meet at a cafe?
    (9:24:21)PM is he a blue jay?
    (9:24:24)PM <mr_mark_dollin> just by the display
    (9:24:29)PM <mr_mark_dollin> hey hey
    (9:24:33)PM does he play croquet?
    (9:24:46)PM oh I know… you must have met at the buffet
    (9:24:55)PM and his name is ray
    (9:25:02)PM he’s from the bay
    (9:25:07)PM and he gave you a bouquet
    (9:25:12)PM <mr_mark_dollin> often out in the fray
    (9:25:27)PM and he’s good with the squeeze play ;)
    (9:25:41)PM but he’s got a toupee :o
    (9:25:45)PM hey!
    (9:25:51)PM and he makes you obey
    (9:25:57)PM but then you like it that way
    (9:26:01)PM <mr_mark_dollin> or maaaybe he’s her baby?
    (9:26:02)PM that was said today
    (9:26:24)PM and when you disobey
    (9:26:44)PM he’ll sing cabaret
    (9:26:48)PM all is a disarray
    (9:27:04)PM and you’ve got hell to pay
    (9:27:11)PM nay!
    (9:27:15)PM this ain’t christmas day
    (9:27:15)PM <mr_mark_dollin> oh how grey
    (9:27:22)PM you better break away
    (9:27:37)PM before the break of day
    (9:27:45)PM he’s like a bird of prey
    (9:27:53)PM a bird eh?
    (9:27:56)PM and as we say
    (9:28:12)PM <mr_mark_dollin> Tim got laid
    (9:28:55)PM what does that have to do with your play?
    (9:29:15)PM <mr_mark_dollin> The emancipation of Ray?
    (9:29:21)PM you;re into gay bondage, not threesomes… I thought you liked it that way
    (9:29:28)PM not a B, must an A
    (9:29:42)PM is tim leading you astray?
    (9:29:52)PM <mr_mark_dollin> no it’s all too late
    (9:29:58)PM did he send yo a communique?
    (9:30:01)PM just ask trey
    (9:30:35)PM <mr_mark_dollin> does he make hay?
    (9:30:35)PM is his last name yakutakay?
    (9:30:46)PM is he at UCLA?
    (9:31:05)PM he got an MA
    (9:31:17)PM studying liqyud crystal displays?
    (9:31:23)PM <mr_mark_dollin> for the CIA
    (9:31:41)PM a cultural attache?!?!
    (9:32:02)PM doing exploratory surveys
    (9:32:10)PM it’s been forever a day
    (9:32:14)PM <mr_mark_dollin> but this I will say, let’s change the way
    (9:32:33)PM alright you
    (9:32:34)PM er
    (9:32:41)PM alright you’ve convinced me
    (9:32:50)PM that makes three
    (9:32:55)PM and now that we agree
    (9:33:04)PM <mr_mark_dollin> Renoise demo is free
    (9:33:14)PM it will be by decree
    (9:33:20)PM lets make some tea
    (9:33:21)PM of taktik and community
    (9:33:38)PM <mr_mark_dollin> for the scene to see
    (9:33:40)PM I have a goatee
    (9:33:45)PM an arranger, oh i would like to see
    (9:33:49)PM I ain’t no black pea
    (9:33:58)PM <mr_mark_dollin> don’t wear floaties
    (9:34:01)PM but I can rap like a banshee
    (9:34:09)PM in a bug tree
    (9:34:16)PM <mr_mark_dollin> or on shoe indeed
    (9:34:21)PM you’ll hurt your knee
    (9:34:27)PM *big
    (9:34:29)PM <mr_mark_dollin> already have, you see
    (9:34:34)PM I’m drinking green tea
    (9:34:43)PM and eating limabeans
    (9:34:49)PM <mr_mark_dollin> but is it green you pee?
    (9:34:52)PM over the south sea
    (9:35:04)PM see we’ve got sand fleas
    (9:35:06)PM i’m having problems with USB
    (9:35:16)PM <mr_mark_dollin> ho believe me!
    (9:35:17)PM and we make whopee
    (9:35:35)PM <mr_mark_dollin> and all that could have been
    (9:35:35)PM while plating yhatzee
    (9:35:57)PM and IEEE
    (9:35:58)PM you’re name isn’t trent, see
    (9:36:09)PM you’re just a deportee
    (9:36:20)PM <mr_mark_dollin> an imposteeee
    (9:36:29)PM <mr_mark_dollin> Ren Wah Zee
    (9:36:29)PM and you can disagree
    (9:36:39)PM crazy!
    (9:36:47)PM but you’re no bourgeoisie
    (9:36:52)PM <mr_mark_dollin> just lazy
    (9:37:03)PM your name is louie
    (9:37:06)PM you like your mp3
    (9:37:07)PM i’m actually a she…
    (9:37:16)PM you’re not a marquis
    (9:37:22)PM or a queen bee
    (9:37:30)PM <mr_mark_dollin> Indeed I’ve done the deed
    (9:37:38)PM you like to drink pee
    (9:37:40)PM me?
    (9:37:45)PM <mr_mark_dollin> no me
    (9:37:49)PM and go to sightsee
    (9:38:05)PM simultaneously?
    (9:38:11)PM <mr_mark_dollin> stereo bleed
    (9:38:21)PM buying your potpouri
    (9:38:31)PM and I can guarantee
    (9:38:41)PM you trip on LSD
    (9:38:45)PM <mr_mark_dollin> E, not for me
    (9:38:54)PM <mr_mark_dollin> quickly!
    (9:38:55)PM you live in tenesee
    (9:39:02)PM i prefer thc
    (9:39:02)PM your burns are 3rd degree
    (9:39:19)PM your dog has a case of fleas
    (9:39:39)PM and you love watching MTV
    (9:39:39)PM <mr_mark_dollin> he believes, he believes
    (9:39:53)PM he is decieved
    (9:40:03)PM you get your vitamin c from your sunny d
    (9:40:22)PM <mr_mark_dollin> so share vegemite with the detainees
    (9:40:31)PM you’ve slept with your sister who has hepatitis b
    (9:40:45)PM <mr_mark_dollin> who only listens to side b
    (9:40:57)PM indeed
    (9:41:19)PM my seed was finaly freed
    (9:41:37)PM your mother never finished her associate degree
    (9:41:55)PM <mr_mark_dollin> now she’ll never be an employee
    (9:42:01)PM so you’re living in a house with an ignition key
    (9:42:04)PM below the belt, really
    (9:42:32)PM <mr_mark_dollin> cunningly decieved
    (9:42:39)PM absolutely
    (9:42:46)PM <mr_mark_dollin> precisely
    (9:42:53)PM lyly
    (9:43:00)PM <mr_mark_dollin> orly?
    (9:43:08)PM but now, alas, I must get ready for work… it seems that my time to rhyme is over suddenly
    (9:43:24)PM <mr_mark_dollin> don’t leave so early?
    (9:43:37)PM I’ll be back in a jiffee
    (9:43:47)PM <mr_mark_dollin> yippee!
    (9:43:53)PM ci
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    I was going to go to work early today
    but it seems my nonsense rhyming has made me pay
    and now my rhyming partners have gone astray
    so now I’ve got to wait for my next bus to find it’s way
    at least we had some fun in the time that we rhymed
    occasionally our crazy rapping proved to shine
    our meter was terrible, wasn’t worth a dime
    but for the purposes of chatting it was more than fine
    but it’s about time for me to digress
    the autobus is nearing my address
    and though this rhyming stuff has me posessed
    I need to go to work to find success

while this was a smashing and fantastic time
it was also nearly 40 minutes of rhyme
i should be asleep, but instead i’m online
any longer and the sun will soon shine

“i must go to sleep” says my body and mind
surely i will slumber much past nine
my dreams will manifest images sublime
of #renoise, even though offline

Time killer, delux … heh

I’d definetely need to visit this channel some time :)

irc://esper.net/renoise (for chatzillas or mircshakers)

I think kaneel should rap all of that and post it as a high quality wav for us to enjoy

my lines would be delivered as a female r&b singer, also by kaneel :D

ok… wow… i read about the first 20 lines and i thought it would be over soon… and then i scrolled down to see it was almost 40 minutes long, and i stopped reading!

WTF!!! :D