What's different between these two instruments?

This might be a bug, but i’m probably just retarded…

This module has two instruments, each with one copy of the same sample - they SHOULD sound the same, but i can’t find what is filtering the upper/mid freqs in the first one… in both cases playing a C-4 should sound exactly like playing the sample straight from the sample editor. There must be something left over from updating filtering stuff to the new format, or something.

You’ve turned on the Filter and Resonance in the modulations of #1. :) #2’s Filter is off.

uh wut…then how come the modulation tab is greyed out? + i can’t see it!!!

btw wow you’re fast at answering these!!! :D :D

You have to select a filter to turn them on. ;)

OH i got it… filter type is set to something other than “none”.

Should probably move this to the bug report section…better yet i’ll write a more detailed bug report.