Whats next for Renoise?

(joule) #361

The only issue I have with rewire is file management. It’s a small but very inconvenient nuisance to load the song manually in Renoise, and really keep file management tidy.

I’m wondering if it would be technically possible to report something to the API regarding the rewire master+project, so it would be possible to make a tool that asks if the appropriate .xrns should be loaded… That would make me go all in for using Renoise as rewire slave.

(niNja_pWn3d) #362

Are you not doing just what your preaching against. I´ve been here a very long time man, a community takes more. It takes a serious love of the program in this case… and also the forum to talk amoungst other users and have the option of being a community. Renoise has always been a strong community and we will always be. I have made long lasting friendships around this program and take Renoise passionately so excuse me if im a little touchy lol. Lighten up a little man =D its all love. and trust me… there are AMAZING artists among us :wink: but sometimes you have to have that community when your tracking for SO LONG and just need that audio break but staying focused. This forum provides this at least for me.

Cheers bud!


If this forum works for you pWnd3d, then great. You and I just see this forum very differently. I agree that the community is very passionate about Renoise (maybe it is a shame that the developer of Renoise can’t/doesn’t put in the time to keep up with this strong community passion?)

The way in which people post the same thing day in and day out using different words/sentences/paragraphs. How many times can people argue about this (or any) software? I just found it fatiguing/annoying/boring.

(ffx) #364

@4tey is there a final version of your storm in a teacup song?


Tbh I forgot all about that little sketchy idea ffx. I’ve been looking at more coding recently. (Re-listening you were right about that little variation chord change at the end during the rolling arp btw :slight_smile: )

(niNja_pWn3d) #366

well, it did use to be a bit different back in the day a little I agree but - im on the IRC more in fact. Also trackers are usually very solitary people since demo isnt a thing as much anymore unfortunately =( I feel we should have more comps! that would be sweet!

(Chris Edberg) #367

I’ve been around here since 2004. We have always waited too long for every release. But the difference from before was that it somewhat got compensated by the fact that we sometimes could vote for features in the backstage, or there was official compos with prices to win, etc.

As time went by I suspect the developers realised that no DAW was gonna introduce a competitive tracker-interface feature anyway, and felt no “rush” with updates due to lack of alternatives from us to choose from. But what do I know, just my two (tuned up) cents.

Although I miss the old times too, I’m glad that Renoise is still being taken care of and that a new version hopefully is around the corner.

(thalamus) #368

I kinda feel, in my own selfish way, that the module/demo/tracker-centric way of thinking is somewhat irrelevant now. I grew up with C64 as well, I went down that pathway into music just like many of us here.
Im really lucky, it evolved into a career for me and I still regard Renoise as a useful tool in my work flow.

But, again just speaking of my own use case, I really only value the tracker interface that Renoise provides. I use VSTi inside Renoise more than I use samples directly in its engine and I always ReWire it into the DAW I’m using to actually write the cues. So really, for me, if you could distill Renoise into it’s note editor and make it a MIDI plugin for supporting hosts I’d be happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I often still use samples in Renoise and do the old school thing. I live that, but when I’m using it for serious work I’m using it for its note editor. It’s fast, brilliant for automating vsti params and just unparalleled for getting stuff down quickly. That is, for me, what Renoise represents in a sea of audio tools.

(Neuro... No Neuro) #369

I’m hoping for an eventual full-modular environment, similar to what is going to exist in Bitwig 3. Renoise is nearly there as it is. The only difference I’d like is that the oscillators remain sample-based. So, the sampler would remain at the head of the process, but additional synthesis parameters could be added to the structure.

So, you want FM / Additive / Wavetable / Granular, just pop on the piece(s) that are necessary. I’d imagine FM could exist as a mini-sampler - load your own, as well as the wavetable synthesizer. Additive and granular are different beasts, not so sure about them being sample-based in the same way. I did enjoy fiddling around with the granular synthesis in Bitwig’s sampler, though.

Coming from Reason, I’ve all but dropped that environment for working in. Renoise, for me, is speedier. I wanted an insanely digital sound, and this environment provides it in spades. I haven’t had any trouble making nearly any noise I’ve wanted to.

I do wish that we could have some of the synthesis stuff that’s in Reason’s “Europa” synth, natively. In particular, the FM synthesis and the ways you can modulate the operators. Even still, we have a hyper-speed, low CPU, abstract electronic production power-house of a DAW here. I can make full-on boom-boom music here, all the way to glitchy, ambient heaven. I am a happy camper.

(lilith) #370

I think it’s much more important to make renoise future proof instead of adding new features or even instruments. Ie. VST3 and LV2 support, vector based gui, etc.

What I like to have is real sidechain possibility, better working with audio, an oscilloscope, more meters to choose from. Beside of that and some other things I missed it’s almost perfect.

(taktik) #371

Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. Full-modular environment - Renoise 4? Not happening soon - sorry.

The current “What’s next” plan still is this:


@taktik sorry for being boring, but is there a way we could help you somehow? (beside writing our wishes utmost)
i would buy licence again just in order to see it evolve a tad faster . I mean is there a possible way of getting it a bit quicker? like donating some funds, or however - you name it…?

Sorry yet again, i know that you are overwhelmed here with numerous questions regarding feature xyz



what kind of paid work do you do with renoise?
scoring for film/television/games/advertising?

I only reasonably wish for vibrato, tremelo, autopan to cycle in time…so, to update those pattern effect commands a little.

More out-there wishes would be the sample-scanning feature achenar requested (moving a small loop backwards/forwards over a sample). It sounds very cool.

Another few : to be able to toggle a looping sample on/off with a keypress (for the pad drumming) and to be able to ‘clone’ one key from the keyzones onto another without copying the samples and effects+modulation over (for symettrical keyboard or drumpad layouts).

Even more, audiotracks.

How do you quote in the new forum?


Why would you need audio track in tracker realm? I never understood people who ask for it. What is the reason behind it? my personal approach would be to lay it down in 32c for example - if you want to lay tracks… Or if you really want some long track, chop it few times here and there and you got it right there? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to insult or similar, just curious.

(lilith) #375

To not lay it down in Mixbus, but in Renoise :slight_smile:


But is it wrong to expect from tracker to have audio tracks? I mean, if i would expect from Milkytracker to have native sidechain, or even Mixbus for example to have cool core awesome sampler like Renoise has, wouldn
t that be too much, because Mixbus is meant to be analogue-style board daw, as Milky is intentionally oldschool tracker without modern relevant audio mixing capabilities? Or seq24 to be full mixing environment? I guess it’s plain wrong to expect stuff like that. That’s just my thought, i just see it illogical. :confused: don’t get me wrong, not trying to be rude at all.

(lilith) #377

Yup, probably you are right. I try to avoid all tracks as wavs into Reaper, Ardour or whatever as it takes quite some HD space. I also like an all in one solution.


yeah, i’d love to see some audio fx racks in Renoise (ableton alike) and i’d stick only with renoise.
Well @#$@, i’ll use it only even without that :stuck_out_tongue:

(random) #379

The best is patience and let do it (gut Ding will Weile haben)
Good Stuff these Days are from small Companies, People who do their own thing (Nanostudio 2 > Cubase, Korg Gadget)

(Zhu) #380

Thank you so much for the response and update in terms of your own thoughts with Renoise. I’m glad it’s far from antiquated, and wish you the best of luck with your personal life and development on this incredible DAW.

I’ve been learning it over the past 3 years and am making a game soundtrack right now that’s 1.5+ hours long only using Renoise.

I intend to use it for a while longer if I can help it! If there’s any way for us to help development down the line realizing these ideas would be fantastic.