Whats next for Renoise?

I don’t know. I joined in 2017 and I think the mood is fine more or less But I’m curious what’s the 20% ffx is missing?

I miss some things like real sidechainig, but do you need it for a 100% best production? I still have to learn a lot with respect to mixing, so renoise doesn’t limit me at the moment. Maybe in some years… who knows.

I could also use reaper, which I do sometimes, but renoise is more inspiring.

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I always love what ffx is poopin out because he seems to know with the most about Renoise in here TAKTIK NOT INCLUDED <<Doesnt really count = Developer. ff alway adding some nerdy shit nobody ever thought of (except Taktik maybe) and that pushes the forums also. So this is good - agree!

This topic is seriously skidding… :unsure:

Hey, I don’t want to repeat myself, since I wrote that 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 already. But ok, here it is again, sidechaining, parallel container, send tracks in groups, recording pitchbend and aftertouch into midi device. I don’t think any of this is “nerdy”, more very base stuff of a DAW. I have no idea what lofimat is talking about most of the time. There would be a lot of other wishes, too, though I don’t expect anything of this will come. I will be very happy with bugfixes and gui fix.


^^^^-all of this!

  • Modular Device alá Taktiks very own Gusto.


LofiMat also has no idea what ffx is talking about most of the time but I like it anyway,:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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If I would request anything it would be - internal (destructive and non-destructive) voice pitch-shifter… Currently nearly perfectly works free script implemented on selected sample / right-click / Process menu / Timestretch and Pitch Shift! Amazing feature (done by scripts) :slight_smile: and simple volume up/down in Sample editor on selected sample part (without constant pressing F10 and changing values)…

No I don’t want renoise to become photoshop - and I’m not really sure how useful being obtuse is to a reasoned discussion.

Renoise is/has a sampler. It handles sounds already. We’re talking about evolving how it handles sounds.

Basically it comes down to…

You - “I want things to evolve within limited parameters. There are workarounds for the issues you’re describing”

Me - “I want it to evolve within broader parameters. Workarounds suck.”

Both are valuable opinions. I would like something that combines tracker style programming for, essentially, midi-style workflow with audio tracks. In my opinon that could be renoise and it would be awesome. You want the software to stay within the paradigm created over 30 years ago. I respect that, but disagree. Being facetious, in either opinion, is not useful.


Using Renoise since 2001. Loved the 2.8, the 3.x is still weird to me but it’s the usual version so I use it. Ran Renoise in Windows (7,10) but moved to Linux. Ran Renoise on Ubuntu, Fedora and now Antergos. I even wrote a VST/Win-Tutorial about Renoise which is linked at german Ubuntuusers-Wiki and every time I come back to this forum I see: “Where is a new Renoise-Version?”

There are some minor issues with 3.x but let’s face it: Renoise is by far the most stable software we have ever used. Rushing to a new version or releasing Updates which don’t bring something really new seems not practical in this special case because that Renoise-Team is realllllyyyy small.

As a “Tracker”-solution, renoise is perfect. The famous piano-roll is a nice feature but as an oldschool-tracker-user (coming from Xtracker, Protracker, WhackerTracker and Modplug) I really don’t see an advantage in that view. If I want pianoroll, I use LMMS. Or Reaper. Or Bitwig.

I want a tracker, a dirty hex-solution-effect-thingy-tracker. Using Plugins is nice but I must admit, that I had more fun using plain samples. From the “demoscenish” point of view VST is lame :wink:

Conclusion: We all want to see a “new” renoise but let’s face it: This program is almost perfect like it is. A “new” renoise can only be like Season 8 of GoT :wink:


I have a very sane suggestion here:

Just use Renoise 3.11 forever then. Taktik can then even rename it to “RENOISE DINOSAUR EDITION”

And we others can enjoy common standard DAW features then.

So everybody gets what he/she wants.

it was funnier, when you left “AMIGA forever” inside :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought it would then sound like an insult. I also like Amiga and ST-01.


I’m new to tracker-style composition, just took it up after 24 years. I LOVE it. I’m getting the sounds I’ve been wanting without having to learn how to code in another language. I also have found that if one is really driven to mastering within Renoise, it’s a reality. The built-in sound engineering and design effects are fantastic, and now that I can access the deprecated versions, there’s even more to work with.

The synthesis side of me is equally as excited to see if new types of synthesis and mixing tools could be added in the future (side-chaining and otherwise). Sequencing with Renoise is a piece of cake for me, it all makes sense. I have a bunch of Audio Units and now I don’t need most or any of them, really, outside of spectral, granular, or FM modulation type stuff.

We can design our own samples within Renoise, and we can make spectacular mixes in Renoise as well (if one takes their time). It’s a damn fine sequencer. Hard to crash it, too!


I do not want to divert the discussion, but watch this:

Right now there are more than 81.000 signatures. Every 2 minutes 1000 signatures are increased. :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Regarding Renoise, there are many things that can be improved. The list can be very long and there are also a few bugs. If someone is comfortable in previous versions, that user can always use version 2.8, or older.

Nowadays it is very usual to maintain the software, update it and improve it. All are an evolution. By the way, Renoise is still far from “being perfect”, although that is not the goal. The issue is that it must be reasonable to use it for all the current hardware, where Renoise is already obsolete, and the creators know it. We just have to wait for them to do their job as they prefer. We must let the program continue to evolve. If it were the other way around, it would be absurd.


I have bought my copy at version 2.7 and release of renoise 3 was exacly what i was thinking this soft needs (im still amazed with phrases)

All my hidden suggestions are for tools and UI. The gui work is confirmed so lets wait for beta and focus on bugs.

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530000 now :astonished: I actually liked it.

What about if Taktik goes Patrion or Crowdfunding for spending more time in renoise?
Does this tread allready exist? There are so many Updates renoise can have.
I using mainly Reason 10 but in last time i spend much more time in renoise again and i still love it.

  • renoise can get a another sequencer like piano roll with own speed (8/1 16/1 4/4 etc. Target on C4 …)
  • updating effects
    Oh … i dont know what else. Fuck i love it… ah…
  • better sidechain

It feels like come back home since first time open a tracker to play the Soundtracks of original unreal Game

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Yep, another thing that would be very useful - either automatable, or LFO-driven. This sampler is just too good to not beef up for the future. Granular. All the way. Every kind and type of granulation.

And if possible, time-stretch, built-in or really nice commands.

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Moving the cursor instead of scrolling the whole pattern if you are not trying to go outside the currently visible area. That is all I would like :slight_smile:

I made a VST plugin years ago, It was very simple and worked perfectly.
Renoise files are associated to Renoise, so you just load the VST in the DAW you are using as master, point it to the corresponding project file for Renoise, now every time you load the DAWs project, it just runs the Renoise project and that automatically opens Renoise.
I made it in Synthmaker and have long since stopped using that because i regularly use Macs now too and Synthmaker is windows only.
But i doubt very much it would take any real developer a couple of hours to knock it up as Win/Lin/OSX VST.

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Someone told me that Rewire now is capable of transferring midi, too! Then it would actually make sense to me. Using the other daw like a complex synth! Is that statement true?