What's Saved In Rns Song Format?

just wondering if samples are actually embedded in an RNS file?
it seems like it, but i wasn’t positive…
anyway, didn’t see info on this in the documentation…

Yes they are… Also settings for your vst(i)'s are saved. I would actually like to know what is not saved within the file. I believe assigned midi channels etc are not saved (controller/automation etc)?

yes, samples are stored into RNS files.

I don’t know if they are stored in delta format as it was in FT2, but they are saved, that’s for sure. Though, seems that a bug converts 32 bit WAV samples to 16bit while saving.

Documentation on RNS/RNI format is not available at the moment.

thanks for both reponses…
clears my q up…
sure makes it much easier to copy project files! :)