What's So Special About Composing In A Sequencer?

Hey! my first thread on this forum B)

I’m a tracker… since the times of fasttracker(1) i have been :yeah: , composing and learning diffrent styles of music. After 2 years MPT i decided it was time for a new program. So i gathered info on the net about Cubase, Logic, Reason, etc. I got Acid Pro 4 from a friend to get the feel of a sequencer. Thats when i decided to stick with trackers: i purchased Renoise 2 weeks ago (and it a kick ass pro tracker!!!, as soon as i find webspace i’ll upload my new tracks here)

So I have Acid pro 4… Since its a sequencer i’m not familiar with the interface, and i have no idea what it can do. I only use it to + or - transpose vocals or whatever samples, so i can use them in Renoise at different BPMs without sounding like a smurf. As most old scool trackers i find composing a song with only loops a sin, (and damn lazy)

Placing a bunch of colored bars in order doesnt feel like composing to me. How come so many people (professianals) use sequencers? Whats wrong with them :blink: . Trackers rock :guitar:

Please tell me

Yup, i don’t like to use loops also… using loops is not composing it’s called remixing ;)

but for the sequencers… You have nothing to do with them if you don’t have MIDI keyboard… But if you do have one and you can play one then there is nothing wrong to use sequencer… in my opinion :)

Welcome Kcirr3d!
Of course there are differences, like the better resolution of sequencers, but that is changing in trackers nowawadays. Imo the big difference is just the interface and workflow. And of course trackers are better :) It’s like VHS vs. betamax or Windows vs. Linux - the wrong system got all the users :)

Well… Maby people would take Renoise a little more seriously if the homepage title didn’t say “A FastTracker like Windows music software…”

If I were looking for a alternative to Photoshop, I wouldn’t be too happy if the homepage said “A Deluxe Paint like Windows graphic editing software…” Then I would just quickly move to another alternative.

I get a feeling from that title that this software is made only for people who knows what FastTracker is. Many people sees trackers is a bit “negative”, and just a toy for people who can’t afford real equipment. That’s not going to change when you call Renoise a “FastTracker like” composition software.

Then I would start using Photoshop :D

Excactly! Maby the same reason people use Cubase… :P

Sequensors for live playing with midi keyboard and other instruments used midi hardware, Trackers for tracking. If someone do not make good result in tracker he never make good result in sequencor. Coz (for example) Renoise have equal work with sound possibilities with many Sequencers and other pro sound software.


I’ve got a M-audio ekeys49 midi keyboard. Lets see if it does me any good in Acid pro.