What's The Best Midi Controller?

Hi there!

Im very much into Renoise for a little while now and I’m planning on buying a midi controller of some kind.
Ive got a td6 drumkit from Roland but thats not very easy :P
I’ve been looking around much lately and stumbled upon loads and loads of possibilities.
The Korg Padkontrol was something that seemed awesome and I like the Emu Xboard 25 a lot too.
Now I dont know an awefull lot about these things and I am a starting n00b with all this so all the information you have about MIDI controllers is welcome.
What should I pay attention to and why should I buy what?

Thanks! :drummer:

Well, first off, I suppose you could tell us what you want to do with the controller. The Korg and the Emu are very different puppies. Is it keys or controls you are after?

The Korg pads feel shit.

You will get annoyed with them.

Not tried the Emu, although like sidekick said, they are very different things. The Emu would give you more flexibility.

To be honest, I am not sure why you want to use the PadKontrol with Renoise… The Qwerty keys work fine for bashing in drums if you chose to do it live… Up to you though.

I suppose if you wire in a PadKontrol (and can put up with the horrible feeling pads), Renoise will be very much like an MPC…

As I said I have no clue what to look for in a controller but the Korg looks very fine :P
Its mainly for piano and ambient sounds so I think Ill be safe with a keyboard?

Any suggestions on which to chose?
I dont have a lot of space left on my desk so it has to be a small one (25 keys or something)

You need a standard MIDI keyboard.

Don’t get the Korg.

Get the EMU.

It will allow you to play notes in like you would do on a piano, and also you can configure it to act in the same way as a Korg PadKontrol.


Probably a stupid question, but when you turn a knob on the keyboard to change something (say, distortion, is that even possible?) does renoise saves that to?
Or is it just for live performances?

im having the first version of the oxygen 8 midi-keyboard,but im thinking on getting something like the m-audio 61-keys midi-keyboard(cant remember the name)would anyone recommend that for use with renoise??

td6d,i think renoise dont have the midi-learn/midi-map feature yet,or dont support it to the fullest

I cant remember entirely the issue, but there is a problem with the way that some midi controllers send data. It depends on the dial style…

Someone want to fill me in on this?

I think it was to do with the way that the midi dial remembers position…

Anyone buying a new controller needs to know about this.

Ha, vague I know, but someone must know what I mean.

I would wait for the Nocturn (coming out really soon), and see how it fares with Renoise.

It has brains, in the shape of the new automapping software, so you can map your VST instruments and share those mappings across multiple songs. If it really works like it’s advertised to, they have gotten rid of the single most annoying thing about controllers ATM.

A friend of mine is getting it as soon as it comes out, so I can report how it works with Renoise :slight_smile:

Thats this thing isnt it?

The only question Ive got is;
How does renoise (if its possible) saves actions you perform on your MIDI controller.
If I turn a knob that I signed to distortion, how does renoise shows me that on screen while Im recording?
(is this even possible?)

It saves all CC-data as command data in the command-line of a track. To put it legibly: It goes into the four 0000’s at the very right of the track where your cursor is while recording. Pretty sure about this anyways… ;)

So when I buy any MIDI controller with knobs (wich I can assign to any dsp/vsti parameter) I can play the song I made and record the changing parameters for a track?
Because I didnt know there were kinds of command data for any vst’s (like madshifta or LoopaZoid)

Im sorry about asking so many times but I have to be sure before I spend hundreds of dollars :P

Yes, but it’s not the only way to use a controller. Another approach is to hit CTRL+M (MIDI assign).
You can assign any parameter in the DSP chain - vst effects, native fx, vst instruments (via the vst-automate device). When you turn the midi controller, movement is recorded into the automation envelope

But when I play + record and then drag a parameter with my mouse renoise doesnt save anything.
How does that work then?

Simply use the right mouse button for dragging…

I love you :o

this is the one i have, i love it (evolution mk-225c)

I found this one right Here.
The only thing I need to know is:

I dont have a sound card, will I be having delay issues?
Thanks :)

That looks cool!

The latency of the midi controller has nothing to do with the sound card. It is related to your USB interface and the performance of your computer / software.

You will have no problems with this.

P.S… You do have a sound card. How are you using Renoise without one?

So, it doesn’t matter if I have a $200,- soundcard or just my onboard soundthingy?
Wow I’m so confused now :wacko: :P