What's The Best Midi Controller?

i have another question to add to this thread (sorry if the answer is obvious, but i’m away from home ATM so i have no way to try and check it out myself).

Let’s say I have a MIDI controller with pads, like the Akai one…Can I set it up so that, Regardless of what instrument i have selected, the pads will play back all the different samples in a Drum Kit?

EXAMPLE: Selecting an Instrument that is a 909 kit, and then instantly being able to play that kit…then clicking the 808 kit, and instantly play that, etc…

I’m not interested in opinions on if this is necessary, or practical…I just have this fantasy of combining what I love about MPC-style samplers and the interface of Renoise (I know you can play Kits on the QWERTY keyboard, i just like the feel of big buttons better :drummer: )…So a simple Yes or No will do


You’re good dude, all he’s saying is EVERYONE who can play sounds on their computer has some kind of soundcard, and that MIDI performance is independent of soundcard quality (as MIDI is not sound itself, just instructions to generate sound)

Renoise forwards incoming MIDI notes to the currently selected instrument, so that’s definitely possible
Tip: I have this external keypad right alongside my controllers for quick access (/me like large buttons too!)…

awesome…thx :guitar: