What's the license on the drum samples that come with Renoise

So with the paid version you can have a few xrni’s, from the backstage, I like the live drums pack especially… I’ve made a very thick kick and snare out of them by sending them through very low frequency comb, then some more stuff that probably includes CabSim. Only now, I want to add it to a drumpack that I intend to give away for free download via freesound etc. Would this be allowed by Renoise staff / whoever is the owner of these samplepacks? If not of course I will choose some other samples to process in this same way.

Samples from backstage are free to use, just not free to share as library.

Don’t warez it, got it, great! Thanks

You’ll probably want to pay special attention to the license on the PureMagnetik pack, as this was kind of a unique deal, but otherwise the remaining content is created by Renoise team members and should be fine to work with.