What'S The Point?

What usually can help are biweekly compo’s. Someone else arranges the samplepack and the rules and these should supply enough materials and challenge to engage it.
Sometimes we need some framework so we know in what limits we are allowed to produce something.
Usually that challenge is the trigger to show off how much freedom we can still exploit from within these limitations.

Ah, i see. well maybe if you post some of the projects you have started, then say what sound you are looking for, etc, we could help point you in the right direction :)

+1 for deadlines and limitations!

I just joined a “music pact” with a couple of friends, where we need to release a track to each other on the 7th and the 3rd Thursday of every month. The caveat is that is has to be complete, not just a mindless jam and it cannot have been started before the previous deadline. (there’s also a (loosely enforced) punishment if we fail.)

I’m exactly the same as you with hundreds of unfinished loops/demos and 1-4 pattern ideas. But since we started this pact, somehow every deadline I pull a finished track out of the air. It’s really cool. I then sometimes take the “finished” track and polish it up for release.

Moving fast and forcing mistakes has also taught me a few new techniques and given me a few cool surprises. But that’s another thread.

Also, have any of you ever competed in http://songfight.org/?

(personal note) It`s very, very hard to finish the track if you listen it for several years.

I have all the same problems that you guys and gals are going on about(musically), except its for masturbation. I just cant finish on my own. I always need collaboration, whether its the neighbors or a sick dying animal, someone has to pull me to the finish.


Watch this video

if you feel better, and you wanna go for it, do as he said

but if you`re (just like me) scared by this way of thinking and you think that this is not my way, not my world - do as you like

cool guy btw

I would suggest a few things: 1 take a break from making music to clear your head and get your juices flowing again 2 select a handful of your unfinished tracks and put your focus on really turning them into complete whole compositions and don’t make anything thats new 3 as many have said, collaborate with someone, it will allow you to have two minds on a project and it will also allow you to learn from another’s techniques and give you a crutch for inspiration 4 try to figure out what specific things your really need to get better at and focus on getting better, what I mean is if you think your percussion patterns aren’t up to par focus on making them better through experimentation and the research of things like drum theory 5 always have fun

same here, but replace the broken ankle with a fractured wrist lol
you got to have self doubt, if you think you have made the perfect tune theres no point in making another
how do you measure success?
if its money you want theres easier ways of making it then music
if its recognition then promote yourself until you get it
but if you dont enjoy making music then just stop
simple as

I only make music so that I can use Renoise because Taktik is such a great guy that deserves my money.

try to do some collabs,maybe do music in a different @genre@that your used too

inspiration is all around you

get your gear set up right

maybe that will help abit

ohh and clean out all the stuff that you dont use,i have just sold alot of stuff i never used,so now i only have a minimal set up with stuff that actually gets used in my sessions

thanks for all the replies and the advice! i have already tried many of the posted suggestions in the past (i never tried collaborating with someone else though, for somebody with very little computer/renoise/musical and social skills it really isn’t an obvious option ;) ) i guess in the end of the day my problem goes far beyond making music, and my lack of inspiration and progress is just one of the symptoms of my crappy unfulfilled life ;) thank you again for taking the time to respond.

If you have a healthy interest in music/sound synthesis you can spend some time in a modular environment like reaktor ,max/msp …not necessarily making music but just trying things out without a final goal in mind , that’s when the ideas are starting to come .