What's the real BPM?

Yeah I noticed the BMP and speed ‘selectors’, but how do you know what’s the real BPM?

When I change ‘speed’, BMP doesn’t change, but the playing-speed does change! Isn’t that weird?
I remember the old FT2-days, where speed was just a matter of ‘feeling’ (for me anyways :D ), but now I have a couple MIDI-devices and they only understand one language: BPM.

Isn’t there some MT2-like option like LPB? Lines per beat: 8 lines is 1 beat?

The speed works just like in FT2. One line is speed # of ticks, and one beat is 24 ticks. So with a speed of 6, 24/6=4 lines equals one beat. And the BMP is Beats Per Minute as usual.

maybe I should show the real BPM when hitting on the “songinfo” button in the songproperties tab ?

hey taktik: don’t forget my patterns! :)

not every song has a fixed BPM value

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I usually change the BPM during the course of my songs as well, but finding the average of all the set tempo commands in the master track wouldn’t be that much of a problem would it? I guess the only complication arises when you have a changing speed as well (alternating between 3 and 6, for example). Bah how I hate programming. :rolleyes:

Just show what the “real BPM” is based on whatever the current BPM and speed settings are. As the song plays, if the BPM or speed changes, update the “real BPM” accordingly.

realbpm = bpm*6/speed


Maybe in your music that’s right, but not in general.
What you call “real bmp” is the bpm if you see four lines as one beat.
But if you pick a speed of 3, that’s most likely because you want a beat to be 8 lines,
to get more detailed control. Then this realbpm will be twice the “real” bpm…

IMO, making a “real bpm” doesn’t make sense. Real according to what?
What is not real about the bpm we have?

  • 24 player ticks is one beat
  • you pick the number of ticks a line represents (speed)
  • you choose the bpm

agree with Martinal:
getting the correct BPM value in a tracker is a complex work and it doesn’t worth the pain.

moreover, a great part of music has continuosly changing BPM values and odd measures (think at piano compositions, jazz, classical, progressive rock, and so on), and this part won’t have any gain from this implementation.

so this is an useless feature according to me, unless you’ve bounded your whole life inspiration to the 4/4, 4 lines per beat, BOOM BOOM stuff <_< :rolleyes: :D

And even if you have, it’s still an useless feature… Because there is no way to calculate a number that doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as a more “real” bpm than the one we have.

But if anyone don’t understand how the current system works, let me put it this way:
With a constant speed, one beat is 24/speed lines.

Speed / lines per beat
6 / 4
5 / 4 point something
4 / 6
3 / 8
2 / 12
1 / 24

If you vary the speed with alternating lines (4/2 for instance) then just use the average of them in this table. (4 / 2 equals speed (4+2)/2=3 )

i think what the lady was talking about iz the fact that she want to sync her midi devs or vst’s in bpm so that do not get out of sync.! so in that case you definitly NEED real bpm , when calculated in the song details for current speed settings that should be create. but hey. i for one also work with midi and especially with a lot of delay stuff you need this often i had then problem with setting the bpm 139 at the tracker and 141 at the synth??.. and still they were not in sync!..


Indeed, that’s what I meant.

The real BPM (at least for me) is the BPM generated by my MIDI devices.

Why not step down from the ticks/BPM combo, and switch it to BPM/LPB. That’s more intuitive than those calculations you showed me, and easy to implement! (Just execute that calculation on the background)

And ehm… I’m not a lady, sorry to disappoint you; the girl with the headphones resembles my girlfriend! :rolleyes:

Daxx909: that would break all songs using speed changes during a song… And even though it’s not a hard thing to do by itself, changing it involves a lot of changes in existing code. So I don’t think that will happen.

Btw: there are plans to add a delaycolumn for each notecolumn, with values x=00-ff which are treated as a “percentage” of the line duration, ie 00 is no delay and 80 is in the middle of the line.

Uhm, MT2 can handle BPM and speed changes just fine.
When you change speed in MT2 (using the F-parameter), the BPM changes, but LPB stays the same.

(Check it out yourself when you’ve got some spare time :) )