Whats Wrong With This Vst?

C3 Multi Band Compressor
this is starting to feel like a trick question
i use this plugin in almost all of my songs because i have not found another way to get the same type of sound from anything else.

at the very least, 50% of the time that im using renoise there is a strange problem, it seems as if somehow its leaking onto the other tracks. not really leaking but effects the other tracks ie bass, & other drum tracks and creates a horrible distortion, its VERY unpredictable. i would suggest anyone who would try it to be carefull with their moniters. (ive been able to reproduce this on my desktop and my laptop) so a few months ago i started putting the plugin on a send, and it seemed to work abit better. i see the problem alot if i use more than 1 instance of it.

certain basses that are on other tracks cannot be used without it doing hell to its own tracks.

there seems to be some type of problem with the way renoise handles it.
i have tested this in Berotracker & Aodix with enough appeal to know that this could not only be a problem with the vst but also something wrong with renoise.

if anyone knows or understands what is going wrong please reply so i can write the developer of the plugin if needed & be able to explain whats going wrong here to the renoise devs.

i just tested modplug (OpenMPT_1.17RC1_athlon32) it also showed no signs whatsoever… dont know if this counts, because berotracker & openmodplug seem alot alike, enough to say that berotracker could be written from openmodplugs source code. uncanny
hmm since its open source maybe the renoise devs could copy the routines?
the feel of the sound processing is solid, pattern editor is lightening fast, but input control sucks ass along with the interface. a complete rewrite of the whole front-end would make that tracker famous.

nothings wrong with this vst? :P

then its decided,
nothing is wrong with this vst.
is it renoise’s faulty code creating the problem?
must be…

It may be a bad plug as well or it just uses directx-features that get’s in Renoise’s way as Renoise is one of the less music applications that use the graphic environment for directX.
Have you tried the free edition of Buzz-rooms yet?

Besides, there is sweetboy T-SLEDGE.
I think C3 is a good compressor, too.
Personally I like buzzrooms, though. B)

So far, I cannot confirm the horrible distortion when I sometimes tested C3(not SSE version - because my PC not supported SSE).

Because I am not so confident for the usage of the multi-band compressor, it might not be able to serve as a reference so much.

but why would a vst use directX when the host is using an asio driver? is that possible?
i’m going to test the plug you linked me to now, maybe it will have a different outcome. thank-you for acknowledging this thread!

i was just testing T-Sledge and it was getting somewhat close to the sound im after, but incredibly enough it showed the exact same problem! back to the drawing board, thank-you also for acknowledging this thread!

another thing with this is that the mac version of c3multicomp works perfectly with peak. so now this is more than 3 programs it works perfectly on.

i really wish i could figure out where this problem is coming from, im 100% positive it has something to do with both renoise and the plugin and as soon as i figure out what can be fixed in the plugin to be more compatible with renoise, i am going to write a lengthy email to the developer, i sent him a donation earlier tonight because of how much i like the sound of the plugin, i just wish it worked right in renoise!

from the way that it sounds, it seems to me that these 2 are somehow escaping into the other tracks, thing is, is that these 2 plugins are the only ones that have ever did this to me. an the fact that they are multi-band compressors must have something to do with it.

i could make a couple pattern song demonstrating this, if anyone would want to help figure this out.

at this point i dont know what to do except filling these pages full of type.

Which version gives you problems? SSE?

I tried this plugin in Renoise, a few times, but couldn’t notice any problems. Both SSE and non SSE versions. Both on Athlons, tho. Maybe I had luck, or the distorsion/leaking is very subtle/hard to notice… ?
Could it be related to your system? Do you have Intel CPUs?
But I’ll try it some more and let you know.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s not working well in Renoise. See the topic that I made about WideBug, which works in all other hosts, 'cept in Renoise.


thanks man for replying, i think i may be using that buzroom compressor now .
i chained genecomp an then grancomp an its coming with some really nice an tight compression now.

another thing i failed to mention about c3 was that i havent tested it by itself in renoise so when ever i was using it there was always other tracks although they may have been muted at one time or another.

the way i mostly tested it was running 2 or more breakbeats through it.
i find that it almost always has a problem when running a breakbeat and a heavy low bass through it.

also i was not using the sse, im not sure what that is but i dont think i have the capability in my processors.

ive used it on pentium and amd with the same effect.

at times i wonder if it is my hardware, but then i quickly remember it has worked perfectly in other programs so that makes that idea null and void.

now i just have to figure out what im going to do on mac since i just ordered a newer 1.2ghz ibook. and apparently buzcomp doesnt make a mac version.