What's your default pattern length?

128, with 8lpb.

96 with 12lpb (and 12line blocks)

128 with 8 LPB for me as well, at least for 4/4. That carries over from my IT days when more rows per beat meant smoother pattern effects. And 32nd note drum fills without using Qxy.

For triplets?

Right now 48 with 12LPB. No scrolling, easy triplets.

80 (in hex) if in 4/4 or similar. 60 (in hex) if 6/8. 70 for 7/8… you see the pattern. I use fractional patterns for transitional sections if needed.

1 at 16 LPB.

You can download an xrns demo as to why I prefer this at:


…the workflow instructions are on the link and not included in the xrns.

It won’t explain everything, just a demo of my typical use of Renoise.

You’ve got whole (12)
Half (6)
Trips (4)
Quarts (3)
Sexts hihi (2)

All in every song without having to change anything ever.

I only work in hex as I come from a programming background and it’s an ideal base for music.

I work with 0x80(128) lines 4LPB

Same, 2 measures where each quarter note is 12 lines. Great for slipping some triplets in or switching between swing and straight beats.

0x80 Lines


256 @ 8 lpb

It just works best for my kind of music.
If I use 128 @ 8 lpb I find myself making less intresting music, as in not enough progression or too much chaos.
That’s why I switched to 256 recently.

I do use other lenghts from time to time.

Currently 384 @ 48 LPB

There’s something about working at high LPB keeps my brain focused and moving. I suspect it’s a combination of seeing structure at a high level of detail and having to keep track of the higher order structure in memory. The latter forces me to think and hear music rather than look at it. Also a lot of the renoise tracks I’m most impressed by seems to have been written at ridiculously high bpm.

My default is 0x50 (80), since I like to compose in 5/8. It’s also easy to mix 4 against the 5, just divide every 10 lines. LPB 8 but I’m thinking of switching to 16 for that super fine grained control.

standard 40 :)

or 80


48, I was using 96 for the same reasons as other users. I have started usings 1 bar length patterns so I could do this:

  1. Basic overview of entire sequence (each block represents 16 bars)
  2. Where I am in the sequence

The entire sequence comes to 256 bars (would be 128 with patterns 2 bars long and this doesn’t give as good an overview) which is about 5mins 50secs @175bpm which is good for me.

I have this as part of my default template if anybody wants to try it?

Its really helped me get tracks finished knowing exactly where I am in the song with the added bonus of not having to label anything in the sequencer.

192 at 24lpb.


Feels fast and lethal like this, and I don’t have to sit through acres of scrolling when I am testing things out in a pattern, which may have the part I want to listen to at the end of the pattern.

If You be so kind, I would have a look at your template.

Here it is: