What's Your Fav. Renoise Tune Ever ?

well just wondering how this tool sound in the hands of the uber tracker gods.

and while i’m at it, perhaps you could name a few ‘famous tracker artists’ from back when i was in diapers ?


My favourite Renoise artist is no doubt Xerxes.
You can download an entire “cd” from his homepage at


It’s really astonishing music and has touched me in ways few other artists ever did.
If you have to download only one song though, try Angelica. The drums are amazing.

Another musician which has done great things with Renoise, is Shaper.
See his homepage here

He sounds like what the prodigy should have sounded like when they gave up their “Fat of the Land”-sound for their new album.

thank you so much… i knew somebody would make my day !

i am hungry for more though, anyone else want to help me out here ?

If you like some abstract ambient stuff, check out “Deep Space Scanning” from It-Alien, this one was entirely made with a bunch of mini samples, but doesn’t sound like a chip tune. :)

RNS is also available.


I listen to Xerxes almost daily, also lucky enough to have a CD copy of his Mirror Formula, woho! :)
Oh, and I have the Shaper-CD as well. How cool am I?

<-----------------------this cool---------------------------->

Ok, that’s just geekish…

Anyway, the BB4-entries were mostly fantastic, recommend them. I’d check out Sunjammer as well, he has some wicked tracks.

I vote for Xerxes! This guy is a real talent :)

I havent finished listening to the 1st album yet, but xerxes stuff just oozes quality! I love hearing stuff that sounds so professional on little ol’ renoise :) (as I did with OctaMED)
He doesn’t by any chance enjoy the likes of Leftfield & Underworld does he?

In addition I should mention…

Darkhalo is one of my favorite musicians ever and since he nowadays uses Renoise he’s my favorite renoise user as well.

You should listen to his latest track… the guy must have used at least a case of production genius juice for this one.

When I read through this thread I also came to think about dedacia who used to hang at the forums back in the days and his song BLOOM which has kinda got stuck in my head but the link in the download section is broken. after googling a bit I found this though: http://www.archive.org/details/BEVLARS26
Pretty neat stuff! Went straight on to my mp3 player… not sure if he still uses renoise though

this is great guys ! i’m getting really inspired by all these renoise artists.

pls feel free to drop some more.


No joke! :angry: Kaneel is awesome! :walkman:

While we’re at it, DJNick has some nice tunes, but where he really shines is in Production…

I know i’ve mentioned it in the songs forum before, whenever he has dropped a new song on there, but still, just thought I’d mention it.

Saboteur is also pretty good, has his own website and all, uses alot of compression, shines best on beats and melodies.

Catchy stuff.

Thanks mate, I`m glad you like my work. Btw, I post new song few mins ago to complain about
check new theme posted here -> https://forum.renoise.com/t/what-do-you-tnink-about-production-quality/18704