What's Your Favourite Scale?

What’s your favourite musical scale? Why do keep coming back to it? OR… you might have discovered a new scale - so share your experience so that we might learn too!

Ok, I have infatuations with many scales, but the one I keep coming back to is this:

Minor with a sharpened 6th:
Or in E> E F# G A B C# D E

You can get many amazing chord patterns out of that, but what I like to do best is drone the tonic and improve the scale using the 6th and 7th as the main ‘knot makers’ of tension and use the 3rd as a dramatic resolve. I think I keep coming back to those tensions because of wild abstract fantasies of landscape vastness, the unsettling alienation of the australian landscape. Hmm… possibly impossible to explain.

…and I think the Major with flattened 7th comes a very close second, and is almightly uplifting.

I don’t really have a favorite. Diminished or octatonic scale is one that I like. Not that it sounds very nice, but it’s quite fun to play with, especially if you scatter the notes a bit. Of nice sounding ones, maybe lydian augmented.

Dorian with added microtuning.

Now I’ve reached the point where I see, that my knowledge of musical theory is damned small :) I use A-minor, G-Major and F-Major a lot. I also tend to use D-Minor, C-Major and a#-Major IIRC.

i just play some shit that sounds good. i really should learn more :)

Same here. :D

the only scale i know or play on my bass guitar is the Turkish scale.

there may be another name for it. its the scale you maybe hear sitarists play,
also the drugsploitation era in the film Nice Dreams, Chong plays it after he ate some peyote thiking it was cowshit, while they are out in the middle of a desert trying to hitchhike (thats the only other place i know its being played)

its always been my favorite, alot of the punk rock i use to listen to, seemed to be written using this scale.

I like diminished chord structure best…they send tingles up my spine every time for some reason :)

…and I’m not a highly technical guy, so I can’t tell just by listening (and couldnt be arsed actually working it out…) but also, whatever scale is utilised in Bogdan Raczynski’s “untitled-14” of boku mo wakaran.