What's Your Occupation?

Could be great to connect ourselves!

Lets make a little “who’s who”!!

it can be professionnally usefull! (for example if i m looking for a good designer or sound engineer…)

So i start by myself:

Producer (hardtechno, hardcore, electro, breaks) , Liveset (hardtechno, hardcore) , Label’s artistic director (hardtechno, hardcore), Boss of a dj booking agency (electro , techno , house, breaks, drum n b, hardtechno, hardcore…) (www.electrobooking.com)

and you?

Uh… I’m a sales associate? :3

Besides fooling around with music and occasionally djing I am earning some small money with layout/graphic-stuff, mostly print lately.

I usually earn my money as a php-developer in a big transportation company. But I want to change my company as well as my location, preferably Cologne or Berlin.

I’m a numberplotterguy (prices etc) at some clothes company currently, aside cafeteria gigs this is just one of many temp jobs I’ve had over the years.

In between jobs like that I do sound design for theatre, mainly one director but it’s expanding towards dance instructors soon as well. Doing scary noisy drone space ambient stuff pays off if you know the right people. ;)

Oh, and I do web design as well now and then. And some random camera crew/roadie gigs for a friendly but crazy stunt performer.

i’m just a boring stock trader.

Currently I’m most involved in film editing.
And my free time is spent helping my father in his pharmacy.

i’m an industrial sales representative.
and WOW! how it sucks and slowly drains life from within.
on the other hand i’m quite pleased to have anything at all in these days of economical warfare.

I know a label who wants to produce a dvd from its artists… Do you have a website that i can show them your works?

…PERL and C programmer for SMS-routers etc. Other activities: aquascaping (somebody?), travelling, php scripting, …

Audio Director, Senior Sound Designer, Song composer. Worked for game companies like Volition, THQ, Novalogic on PC/PS2 etc titles.

Please consider the distance, I live in Iran and it seems impossible.

EDIT: About my works, they are mostly done for Iran national television (IRIB) and according to copyright issues they can’t be used as samples of my work in other websites even my own.

i’m a trainee @ an olds people place at the moment, earning no money :confused:
tried to study and start learning a job but i just got rejections for my applications - this really sucks…
in my free time i meet my friends/girlfriend, compose some speedcore/breakcore/terror/wtf and… yeah… that’s it

Web developer (i.e. the poor man’s programmer) for over 10 years. Dabbled in ActionScript, Perl, Java, C++, Lingo, VB, on someone else’s dime. I’m most competent in, and currently developing with, PHP.


I’m an A/V/Theatre/Media technician in a girl’s school - gotta say I’m pretty happy with that, even if the money’s not great :)

The job itself is pretty widespread across the field, fixing broken tape decks, right up to set design & video editing - a very busy environment which keeps me on my toes.

Any money I’ve earnt from DJ/VJ/live gigs has pretty much been spent in the same night or is paid in vinyl :)

Audio Engineer at the University of New England, Australia.

I’ve filled the shoes of ‘producer’ once or twice for indie stuff.

Actually a university qualified high school English teacher, not that it’s going to help anyone here.

^^^^ wins prize for best job ever!

and I’m a f*cking Statistician…

I’m a dumb stock worker too. I would want to do something creative with my hands! (Aside from wanking.)


Rahaa on niin ettei paskalle taivu… vittu LOL! Yrittäminen on nastaa ;p