Wheel Mouse : Idea Useful For The Effects ?

Hello Renoise Team & Renoisers,

Yesterday, I had an idea looks like very useful for the beginners who would like use the effects in the patterns on Renoise 2 ! Today, there are a lot of effects on Renoise (I know, the tutorial is here for this) but the composer write the pattern effects on the patterns before listening really his notes+effects in REAL-TIME.

[b]My idea :

=> To Create an option allowing activate/deactivate “wheel mouse for effects”.
=> To Activate “Wheel mouse for effects” and after, the composer must select an effect : for instance “1xx-2xx”.
=> To play a note from a sample in real-time using the wheel mouse :

  • wheel mouse to up : Pitch Slide Up.
  • wheel mouse to down : Pitch Slide Down.[/b]

If it is possible and if it will be realized in the future version of Renoise 2, I think that many more composers will use effects (very-easy-use) in their musics :wink:

My second idea “dreamer” : during the song played in mode “record”, using the wheel mouse will allow to writing the selected effects automatically on the patterns : dream or reality ? lol !

Dear Renoisers, what do you think about my first idea ?