When do I become a grandmaster?

I’ve been curious about what those little blue squares in the member desription means.


In the meberlist you can see that TakTik is in the lead with 51 posts but he does not have a higher level than for example Atlantis with only 10 posts.

This is ofcourse of little importance but how do I reach level 3?
How do I reach the grandmaster title? :)

How does the level system work, and what’s the point of it?

You reach level 2 @ 20 posts…

then…err… dunno :slight_smile:

I think it helps you to find thrustworthy ppl on the forum,or it’s just here for some kind of (lame) fame :))

New Member: min 0 posts

Member: min 10 posts

Advanced Member: min 70 posts

Super Advanced Member: min 120 posts

etc… :P

(how many title/ranks do you want to have? (there are currently 4 ranks, see above…please come up with more title/ranks …grandmaster , supa dupa member etc…i will add the best/funniest/origional ranks.)

my suggestions :)

Local Chief Member: min 200
Chief Above Chief Member: min 250
Big Daddy Member: min 400
Big GrandDaddy Member: min 450
Big Masta Member: min 500 posts
Big Super Masta Member: min 600 posts
Big Super GrandMasta Member: min 700 posts
Guruh Member: min 800 posts
Tibet Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Know Everything in Renoise Member: min 1000 posts
Compose without Wires burns Directly from Brain to DVD that is already in Store Member: min 3000
Probably More God or Borg Than Human Member: min 5000 posts
God’s or Borg’s Chief and Ruler of All Species: min 15000 posts
Universe And God And Everything Beyond in all Dimensions and Above Member: min 50000 posts
(I think everybody of us will have about 150 years when someone reaches this level :)

No more ideas sorry :)


How do us registered users get to add ourselves to the Registered Users group instead of being just a normal member. I wanna feel special.