When the first note in a column has a Gx command

Should it be played if nothing is sustaining before that note?

I think normally such note is played as a typical note-on, but on a newly initialized tracks or an entire new project they don’t play at all.

See attached project, the first track doesn’t play after loaded until I delete the Gx. Once played, adding a Gx back and it will still play.

I think you’re right, that must be a bug.
Haven’t been able to recreate it in a new project, though.

Edit: hmm… I think it might have to do with what is considered the initial note. I have always assumed that, when there has been no prior note and a Gxx command is encountered, the note will pick/use the value at that position. At least, this is what happens in 3.0 (I just checked).

But in 3.1, it would seem that the initial note is in fact C-4 ?

To confirm, render the slices and adjust the keyzones so that the sample mapped to the G3 is spanning the C4.

It’s a bit more complicated. It chooses the correct note, but the wrong sample here after this fix: http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/topic/45616-fixed-31-glide-at-randomized-multisamples-restarts-note/

I’ll see if I can fix this somehow without breaking some other weird behaviour with the glide command. There are lots of them.