(When) Will Renoise Be 64Bit?

Any idea how this guy claims to be using 64bit Kontact in Renoise without doing anything but loading the plugin?

You can’t, simple as that. It’s probably just an error in the way he wrote his post on the forum.

In post #6 he’s not sure, so I think it’s just confused a bit.

or, he’s using jBridge to bridge 32-bit renoise to run 64-bit kontakt?

quoting from jBridge’s homepage:

I specifically asked him that question and he said not.

I suspect he’s actually using 32bit Kontact and confused but he swore that wasn’t the case…

I think he is confused because he probably installed the 64-bit version of the plugin, but when installing the 64-bit version, the installer automatically also installs the 32-bit plugin version (not the 32-bit standalone executable!). Lots of plugin installers work that way.
Only the stand-alone player he uses is 64-bit. He can trace back the bit version in the info splash of the plugin after he loaded it into Renoise. I’m sure he’ll find 32-bit somewhere in the info snippet.