Where Are Recorded Samples Stored?

Very stupid question here but I can’t find it!

Record a sample straight into Renoise, an instrument with the name “Recorded Sample 01” is created. Now I want to edit this sample in Sound Forge, where on the disk do I find it?

Searching for the name “Recorded Sample 01” brought nothing and the AppData/Renoise folder doesn’t seem to have it either.

It’s stored in memory until you save it to disk yourself.

Ah got it. OK. Thanks.

That means the process for recording some audio, then moving over to SF for editing requires a manual save and then a manual load inside SF of said file.

There’s nothing like in Ableton Live where after recording a sample, you can just hit Edit to open it in your favourite editor?

If you prefer… it is possible to copy the sample data from within Renoise’s sample editor, then paste it into Sound Forge, perform your edits, then finally copy from Sound Forge and paste back into Renoise’s sample editor.

People have requested the feature to edit samples in an external editor. Maybe it will appear one day, maybe not.