Where Are The Instruments?


I’m newbie to Renoise and trackers in general. Used Madtracker for a while until I discovered Renoise with all its rich features.
My question is: where can we download Renoise instruments? I don’t see a section for them.
I only see a section for songs, but most of them are just mp3, not renoise files.
In Madtracker, everyone is sharing their songs in mt2 format. This way we can get share the instruments from inside those songs and use them later in our own composings.

Am I missing something here?

Another question please: is it possible to convert madtracker instruments into renoise instruments?
I have many of them, and there are realy rare ones.

There are no instruments bundled with Renoise

As for the Madtracker instruments, i dont know. but i doubt it will work.

Maybe here is your place.

false: there is a small but usable collection of bundled sample-based instruments (XRNI format) inside the “Instrument” subfolder.

mt2 instruments cannot be directly imported into Renoise; you should save them to XI format, which is supported by Renoise, from inside MadTracker, but you could lose some MT2-only features which are not supported by XI format.

oh i totally missed that… sry .p