where are the xrni files stored?


just downloaded some samples for renoise and they’re in XRNI format. i want to store them in the right directory but can’t seem to find it. i’m on a mac mavericks 10.9.1 and renoise says the stock samples are on Users/~name~/Library/application support/Renoise/V2.8.0/Samples. yet i look at the application support folder and there is no Renoise folder. any hints where i can store my samples?



There’s technically no “right directory” for them. You can store them wherever you feel comfortable doing so, such as your Home folder, for example. The only thing you need to do is point Renoise’s Disk Browser to your desired folder, then save the location to one of the 4 available presets for easy access later.

You should not save any custom instruments, samples, songs, etc. within Renoise’s application folder, as these may get erased if/when you uninstall or upgrade Renoise in the future.

Well, i would not store your samples in there if i were you, because these folders get erased and overwritten with new stock content if you update Renoise. (You will loose your custom placed samples/instruments)
If you do insist, in Renoise, click on the instrument radiobutton, rightclick any of the folders or instrument and then click “Reveal in Finder” on the lower bottom of the context menu or simply hit Cmd F. The latter also work if you picked your own user location for instruments and samples. But you can also rightclick any of the top preset boxes to store the location where you stored your files in, into any of the four favorite presets.

I see dBlue was ahead of me :)

thanks! since you said that technically, it doesn’t matter as long as i assign and remember the assignment i made my own route to the said files.

my question regarding the absence of the Renoise folder in the Application Support folder still stands though. The internal Disk Browser in Renoise says that the stock samples are located in the above mentioned directory but once i follow the route that is specified by the Renoise, it’s not there. Is this a known issue or is it just something funky with my setup?

again, thanks for the swift and effective responses.