Where Are You From?

Germany: 5 - Kasmo, f+d+k, BamBooli, plasmaniac, Amok

I’m curious how the Renoise community is devided around the world (and have nothing better to do) so fill in and click ‘vote!’.

I tried to fill in as many countries but the limit per ‘question’ is 20 ‘answers’. Please just fill in 1 answer.

Fill in ‘NONE IN THIS ROW’ if your country is not in the ‘question’ or fill in ‘Other (tell us!)’ in ‘question’ 2 if your country isn’t listed.

Edit: I forgot Germany, if you tell us in this topic I’ll add it to this post :ph34r:

pretty global. lot of you European folk i’d imagine. i’m from California in particular.

I’m almost here :)

Rotterdam Straatpiraat reporting in


You can see a part of my house from here


Tallinn, Estonia

Oldenburg, Germany

<- Sweden

Other. ^_^
I’m underneath this roof.

Im here My village

South Dublin,ireland

Holy beep, how the beep could I have forgotten Germany?! :blink:

What does it mean “Where are you from”?

It depends on:

  • Where is my house
  • My nationality
  • Where I leave right now ;)

Menden, Germany … ^_^

Yeah, made me wonder, too… :P
so, i’m from there, too. From its oldest city, Trier, to be exact.

Yes I have to admit, you really have to look at the possible answers to figure out what I mean. Can be a little difficult.

I added Germany to the start post, Ill edit it when more people from Germany post here.

Well, in my defence tho’, there are only like, what, 82 million people living there… Easy to overlook right?


Hehe well Im from Poland :)

Hehe, my bad. I looked at the link in my browser; .maps.google.de so I assumed Germany :rolleyes:
I’m glad tho’, I was afraid us Dutchies were in a minority. :lol:

We have taktik on our side. :P :lol: