Where Can I Get Good Free Samples?

Hello, I am a new ReNoise user…I just recently found out about this, and I am looking for .WAV samples to stuff around with, in this new tracker, since all my old ImpulseTracker/ScreamTracker sounds don’t work with it (only 30,000 samples useless now) and it will not let me save the ones out of the included RNS files! I have googled to death and most I can find are movie/cartoon/star trek wavs… please give me a link, so I can test this tracker out? (any synth/drums/pianos greatly appreciated!!!)

check this

Bear in mind also that Renoise can read mp3s directly (well, about half of them - the rest you’ll have to convert to ogg with dbpoweramp)…so peer-to-peer clients like Soulseek can serve as a direct feeder for sampling resources undreamt of in earlier tracking eras…

will you shut up please ? no need to dig everyones nose in something wonderful like this ! :D I feel like yet another big secret got to the public.

no, he is right. mp3s from 192 kbit upwards can (read carefully = can) be a good sample-source.