Where did the instruments go?

I remember when using the demo version of Renoise i had a list of instruments in the lower right box next to demo songs and samples. When i bought Renoise and Redux and started using beta version. I cant seem to see where the instruments files went, Demo Songs and Samples are still there but Instrument folder is now empty to Renoise. Are all those instrument files I used in demo version of renoise still there? Or are they now to be used within Redux only now? Little confused, just want to be sure im not missing anything here on my Renoise intruments folder.

If you’re using Windows i believe the instruments should be in the Renoise folder under “My documents”.

Redux is a plugin and does not store it’s library data in the “Program Files” folder like Renoise.

You may of course use the same instruments in both. Use the disk browser to navigate to the folders you want, then right click on one of the numbers to the right (1,2,3 or 4) to store the location for easy access later.

You’re right, the beta versions so far have shipped without bundled set of instruments.

The main reason is that the instruments add several megabytes to the download (the packaging, zipping is all done on demand), and the second reason is that we want to make sure it’s an absolutely useful collection.

But - since you have Redux installed, you should have a pretty good set of factory sounds on your harddrive (and I don’t mean the separate packs, available on the backstage). They should be located within the folder where you installed the plugin.

You can simply copy those over to whatever folder you want - including of course your user library, in which case you get easy access through the sampler’s toolbar (instrument presets).

The new Renoise instruments will ship shortly, and will be a slightly different selection than what is offered with Redux

I see, thanks for clearing that up for me and thanks for the tips.