Where do you get your samples anyways?

He wants to record his wife cheating on him in the kitchen.

'cause if there’s a sound in there he knows it ain’t cooking! bada bing!!!

(sorry, getting carried away checking for the big update again…)

But seriously, folks!!!, i just pawn shop/ebay (synths and drum machines, obviously) and sample and re-ebay the same $300 over and over for the last maybe 8-10 years. Highly recommended if you don’t mind watching the synths you sold go up in value and your cash go down in value from year to year. Yeah, nothing is really free… but it’s fun and you can also talk shit about ‘yeah that Emax/Kawai K4/Roland D-50 whatever is so under/overrated’. easy, almost every decent synth is both over and underrated. fun times.

Reminds of this documentary by werner herzog …where he films this crew on antarctica, at a sudden moment they are recording the sound produced by pinguins ans seals reflecting trough the ice layer …pure sci-fi
Note to self …throw stones in frozen river/record

This is a temporary site… http://dmtrmx.com/downloads.php
It contains all the interviews from the mindblowing documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”. They are hosting a remixcontest, where they are encouraging us to create art with some of all the material they’ve made available. Loads of great stuff to use in your psychedelic and ambient works.
Contains interviews with people/prophets/artists as Alex Grey, Graham Hancock, Dennis McKenna and Rick Strassman.