Where is old "song setting"?

Hi, I’m trying to find where to change “ticks per line” and “track headroom”/pattern default length and all this things from “song setting” tab. Could somebody point me to right place please?

Song settings:
-Options -> Playback and compatibility options;
-View -> Pattern Highlight settings
Groove sliders: DSP area of the master track.

I saw a TPL envelope on the master track i believe. pattern length can be set at the top left on the pattern editor where u see “64”
I don’t know about the headroom, can’t find that one either.
Grooving is also located on the master track

@vV thanks! :)

Thank you.

Would be nice, when all song options (playback / compatibility settings) would be configurable as default song properties in preferences, so i dont need to setup it again, when i’m starting a new song.

  • Start a new song.
  • Set it up however you like, with your preferred TPL, BPM, LPB, pattern highlighting, MIDI mappings, etc.
  • Save that as your template song.
  • Now every time you start a new song, the template will load, and you can enjoy all your preferred default settings.

Renoise 2.8: Song Settings > Template Song > Save

Renoise 3.0: Main Menu > File > Save As Template Song

ah, great, didnt saw this. thx. :)