Where Is Renoise 1.3 ?

we don’t have any information about the 1.3 version

why the renoise team are so quiet ? i can’t understand, we all help you to debug your program, why are you so quiet ?

please give us a feedback about betatesting and next release.


An alpha will be released within two to four weeks to selected registered users (probably only mac users, the mac version needs more testing). After that, another month +/- may pass before the first beta.

Not “registered mac users”, but “registered users who have and use macs” :)
But others might be applicable as well. Contact taktik (@renoise.com) to discuss it.

Which shows, again, that we should stick to what we usually do, and just shut up when someone asks for release times. :rolleyes:

But don’t worry, we are still working :)


That mr hop was me :D

…and I asked for nothing, i just had a though… just a though… :D Can you guys read my mind? :blink:

:P :P

Longer you work, better v1.3 will be.
I think is hard predict unpredicted things by a day ;).

I didn’t understand, will maybe this v1.3 have sequencer or this is feature for some next release?

yup. but uh, i don’t want to wait 10 years for the best-tracker-in-the-universe-bar-none. i don’t mind waiting, yeah, but not toooo long. well as long as it’s still alpha means there are still new features being added, so i’m quite hopeful.



Sheesh, the Renoise Team has always provided us rapidly with new updates of their software

I think it’s only fair that we give them a little more than “a few weeks”, considering they are more or less changing the whole interface of Renoise.

Give them some time!

Better to have a nice and steady version than a buggy version.

AND 1.281 is really stable (except the using-the-sequencer crashes) … and it’s possible to make great music with this version …

… i’m patient …

… BUT I WANT IT NOW :drummer: :yeah: :guitar: :D :lol:

now I´m confused :blink:

They have made so many changes the next version of Renoise is not 1.3 but 1.5…And no there is probably not the sequencer in it yet, with clips and stuff but maybe some hopefully improvments to the current arranger…

…hm!!! why can u peppz just make music with the “old” version (1.281) and STOP that yelling about any UP-DATE’S!!! …i mean, if u put all your concentration on music instead (of bugging the DEV-Crew) with silly “i want a new release/version” maby u will be happier…and “glad” when they in the first place release a NEW Version!.. B)

all respect to the Renoise Dev-Team! for the best Tracker ever made!..and to all the peppz in this Forum!!! :yeah: …have a really nice day :D

Noone’s yelling - we’re just impatient about the new version. Why? For example because with 1.281 it’s nearly impossible to record MIDI data properly (note lags) and accurately (low resolution). This makes “just making music with the 1.281 version” a bit problematic at the moment as you have to struggle to get the notes right. But as far as I know, those problems will or already are fixed in the upcoming version - and that’s what makes me impatient about the new 1.3 version…

1.5, that is!



Edit by It-Alien:
no they are not yet fixed, sorry :)

Bad, bad, so we must wait version 2.0 to get better sequencer and arranger. You can await v1.5 and I can’t wait for v2.0 :D.

And one more thing, version with direct voice recording, that will be :rolleyes:.

Uffff, can’t imagine, OK my suggestion is, you guys make music with current version and only good things can happen (I hope this year ;).