Where Is The Clip Indicator Set At?

I do not use soft clipping as I like to master my tracks in the Renoise master channel. I’ve an excellent chain of plugs for this task and I’m getting very satisfied with the results. However I’ve a small niggle:

Where is the clip indicator set at? When I set the mastering to peak no higher than -0.03db the clip indicator will still come on (even though it’s not clipping). I could be wrong in this assumption, but isn’t a mastering standard to set the peak for digital audio at -0.03db? I had to turn down the peak master limit to -0.05db just to get that little clip indicator to stop lighting up. Wouldn’t you set the clip indication at 0db?

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As a workaround (and maybe a test) get the Sonalksis Free G plugin, stick it on the master and use that to measure the clip level (with the Renoise master set to 0db). Render to wav and look at it in an audio editor to see if the wave is actually clipping…

Yeah I already do that, I’ve been using FreeG in my master chain for ages. Yes it is a more faithful representation of what’s going on.

I was just being curious about the Renoise clip indicator.

rofl …

back to topic … thats interesting to me too.

0 dB, so it only shows “real” clippings.

How have you tested this? Have you used some limiter VSTs for that? Which one?

Vintage Warmer… And I’m starting to think it’s the fault of the plug and not Renoise. You set the master on it as being -0.05dB and I’ve metered it producing peaks over that.

Thanks for clearing that up though, now I know to keep a closer eye on my plugs.