Where Is The Sampler?


Hi Folks. The documentation says Renoise features an “integrated sampler”. Whereabouts is it? Sure… I found the sample editor but where’s the button that will let me record my guitar audio input?

I am assuming that Renoise isn’t really able to do multiple takes of audio recording (you know - so I can keep playing and recording a guitar riff until I get it right) - please correct me if I’m wrong?? :guitar:

Thank you!

There have been questions like that before.

To answer shortly without quicklinking to existing topics (as i’m too lazy to search for it right now).

The assumption of a sampler having recording feature as a core element is a false assumption.
Many samplers (yes even hardware samplers) don’t have recording options.

Integrated in this case means that you can perform a few processing actions upon your samples that you load into the internal instrument list without having to use external tools for that like Audacity or Audition (cool-edit).

Also the Renoise integrated sampler does not have that many features, but still a lot more than a lot of other samplers around like kontakt, kompakt, battery etc.:all samplers that do not have recording features, neither processing and cutting features, just a few nice effects and a huge library of samples.
Even compared to Renoise’s pricetag, the standalone edition-price of those vst samplers is quite high.

:blink: Oh no! ;) So as far as recording my big hit goes using Renoise… I could have a problem…

I wondered if this was the case. So, a little light lit inside my head and I thought “OK, can I export a simple MIDI song (no effects) with Renoise and load it into Cakewalk”…

I had a good luck through the forums lastnight and there seems to be an awful lot of technical discussion going on around how to export Renoise songs to Midi. Surely the most sensible thing to do is export a very simple MIDI file. Say for example, I compose 95% of a song with Renoise and all I want to is record some guitar riffs - the easiest way would be to export to MIDI, use Cakewalk to record multiple takes of my riffs (while Cakewal plays the simple MIDI file that was created by Renoise) and once I’m happy I just need to reload the recorded guitar .WAVs back into Renoise.

How easy could that be? (I’m a software developer too). B)

Or… has anybody out there not considered writing a .RNS to .MID file converter? Something that throws away all the effects and leaves you with a simple MIDI file? Surely people REALLY want this. I’d be keen to have a go at writing such a converter myself if I had the time (and .RNS file format documentation - is this available???)

Midi export was planned, but only import got implemented in the end. Anyway, the rns format specs are not available, but the good news is that the new format will be XML. And that is not too far away apparently. Then we can go wild with writing converters :D

I work with a lot of audio… My methods, either I’ll compose some sort of rhythm section in Renoise - Then render it all down and export it into Logic as audio… Work from there…

Or… I’ll have a copy of Soundforge open in the background and just hit record on that whenever I want to record anything…

  • hit record on soundforge
  • switch to renoise and click play, or press return, or whatever you like to do
  • save it straight into a convenient folder and open it in Renoise as a wav, then edit if needed

I like working in this way - It’s no different to how I used to have to work with a hardware sampler… You’d press the record button, record your take, then trim all the excess intro off the wave file and trigger it from the sampler… maybe cut it into lots of separate waves and get the timing solid.

Also allows for some neat wave editing - Hand cutting and pasting…

If you’re good at editing your own takes by hand, you’ll get better results than Nuendo or Pro Tools, or Recycle, will ever give you automatically… can be lightening quick too with keyboard shortcuts…

I’d certainly like a basic audio recording function to be built into Renoise of course… Just a way to record straight into the sampler would be very useful…

Nah… the sound quality should be fine. Renoise plays high quality samples and Soundforge is one of those apps that costs megabucks so the sample quality should be fine… well… providing your sampling (“recording” I should say?? :wink: ) hardware is half-decent.

Actually… I think that J Swift’s post has pointed out the obvious what I should be doing - I should use Renoise to play back the Midi tracks on my keyboard and record the audio with Cakewalk… or any recording software for that matter. The only drawback is that I’m going to have to edit a h–u--g–e WAV file containing the many takes I did while looping the pattern within Renoise.

Now there’s good question - can you get Renoise to loop continuously between pattern ‘x’ and ‘y’ ? I mean yeah… I could save a separate copy of a tune and delete all the patterns except x thru y and keep looping the entire song until I remember to use the pick on my guitar :wink:

Wow! All this stuff is tricky and quite technical - just as well I’m having experimental sessions and not trying to jump into song writing just yet! Of course getting the right sound out of your guitar is another matter… :guitar:

There are small rectangles left from the pattern sequencer numbers, where you can mark a part of your song to play looped.

Thanks - I’d better get the manual reformattted and printed out (Sorry guys - the PDF sections don’t start on new pages for me). Now a printer… oh yeah - I knew I was going to work for some reason today! ;)