Where Is The Timeline

I cant seam to find the timeline or sequencer part of it i can edit a wav and use the instrument but cant seam to find the sequencer element to renoise just an empty grid

I have used fruityloops ehich has a step sequencer and a timeline for editing patterns does renoise do the same thing.

if you are talking about “timeline” as beats, measures, and so on, this is one of the main things which distinguish step sequencers and trackers: timeline is not explicit into trackers, because it is actually not fixed .

If you, instead, mean the minutes and seconds of length (I think you do), then there is not something like this again, and no tracker I know has ever had this.

I can’t say exactly why we tracker users never felt the need for it. Probably because we are used (most of us) to work with short WAV (samples) instead of large WAV files (tracks/loops)

The empty BIG grid is called the pattern.
The pattern is divided into tracks. You put the notes into the tracks, by entering notes while record button is on or recording live into them.

Its like a step sequencer but instead of seing only an on and off, you see which note which octave and which instrument it is playing and you can than select what you have put into the track and move it, flip it, copy it etc.

Each track can have several columns. In each column you can enter a note, so that you can have chords in one track.

To enter a chord hold down left shift while playing the notes.

In renoise 1.281 the timeline, is the pattern sequencer in the upper left corner. There you can add more patterns here, the patterns can either be new ones a clone of your current pattern or a instance.

In the comming Renoise 1.5 the pattern sequencer is to the left and much better IMO.