Where To Download Older Versions Of Dblue Glitch?

i have been told be some of the loud noisy breakcore guys,that they prefer the older versions of Dblue glitch

over the newest one,they think it has some better sounding effetcs

but i would like to try it out for myself

so is there a place to get the older versions?

Asking me directly probably would have been the quickest way to find out :)

Anyway, here you go: http://illformed.org/data/glitch/dblue_Glitch_v123.zip

Please note that I do not support this version anymore.

Also note that the interface isn’t designed very well. The sequencer in particular is quite tricky to use - you must right-click on the sequencer steps to choose the effect. Don’t ask me why I did it this way, I just didn’t think it through when I made it :)

BTW: Glitch is still the #1 rated plugin at gersic. Good call, dblue!!

And in KVR:


I actually bought the original version and only ever used it in one track. Really should revisit it at some point! Nice work though dBlue :D

Yeah, I still find those rankings quite bizarre… It’s flattering, but very, very strange :)

thank you very much Dblue

Posting in a topic in wich a legend has posted! ^^
Love the VST man, it almost makes music making to easy :D

Hahaha… cheers, but such words are not necessary :)
Glitch was BORN here on the Renoise forums back in 2005!
(My original post is edited/deleted now, but you get the idea)

Ahh the memories… I seriously thought I’d grow tired of this plugin, but I always keep coming back to it pushing it harder, weird, or more subtle. It’s a great avenue of unique creativity in sound mangling.

I’m still working on songs that have loops in it that were created from the original php script. That thing had a flavour of its own!

Definitely! I keep telling myself to go back and rewrite it as a pure Win32 app. I’ll get around to it one day, I’m sure…

yes and become earth ruling billionaire :)


Still, you deserve every one of them :wub: