Where to find config for favorites fx tree?


I would like to reorganize my VST FX favorites tree… Since the moving of whole sub-nodes/-dirs is really limited, I would like to edit the config manually instead… But I am not able to find the right config file. Neither in config.xml nor inCachedVSTs_x64.db I was able to find a subdir/node named “limiter”…

How can I edit this manually?

Thanks for help.

Grab SQLite Browser.

Open the appropriate .db file: CachedVSTs*.db for your VSTs, CachedAUs*.db for your AUs, etc.

Select the “CachedPlugins” table within the database browser, and then look at the fields “DisplayName” and “FavoriteDisplayName”.

(“ShortDisplayName” is used when “Show Short Names” is enabled in the plugin list)

Groups are separated by colons, with the plugin name at the end, like so:

Top Level Group: Sub Group: Plugin Name

Use whatever SQL string manipulation mojo you feel comfortable with to change the value to something more suitable.

Note: Renoise should naturally be closed while you fiddle around with the database.



Hm, no, “DisplayName” is not the correct column for changing favorites structure. For example I have a node called “Harmonic”, but it is not found there.

Instead, it seems to reflect the tree that contains the non-favorites.


Ok, “FavoritesDisplayName” is the right one :slight_smile:

Hm, no (…)

Sorry, I missed/forgot the favorites field. Edited my post now.