Where To Find "Renoise.Http" ?

i’m messing around/learning etc but can’t find renoise.http in the trunk ?

" require “renoise.http” "



ok, really confused now :D

so this isnt a ‘include’ like you would include .lua files in a package?

well, I have no idea to be honest… where have you got the " require “renoise.http” " thing from?

Sure thing, why not?
This way you can split really large code packages into smaller chunks and get a better overview of which lua file contains what kind of code.
Lots of existing big tools work that way.

The only thing to watch out for when splitting code into multiple lua files is that you stuff your globals in a “globals.lua” and do not declare them “local” inside that file since whatever is declared local in there will never be readable anywhere in the other code snippets.