Where to find vxd drivers for sblive ?


I think my biggest mistake was to try building a good pc system under windows XP for making music (Renoise based of course :)).

The used the latest drivers for my sblive! platinum, but still the line 2 input doesn’t work (just nothing can be heard), stupid gigastudio doesn’t want to see my sblive because it’s a WDM driver and not vxd. I don’t know the difference but it seems that the vxd driver is not available on Creative’s website. If anyone could provide me with a good link or so…

I tried to switch to Kontakt, but it seems it has lots of problems (maybe it’s because of XP ?) It’s damn slow for loading big patches (around 2 minutes for the Gigapiano, I have Athlon tb 1Ghz and 640 mb of RAM). Then I don’t know if it’s because of renoise but it doesn’t behave good at all with the instruments, it sends key-offs every now and then and don’t let the notes finish… It’s pretty annoying…



have you already tried the kx drivers?
or don’t they work with giga?

They don’t work at all… They f*cked up my system and refused to install OR uninstall properly. I had to re-install sblive driver on top of them…

There does not seem to be a REAL working alternative to Gigastudio when working with Renoise. (Kontakt is buggy as hell, or at least with renoise, and Halion is hell slow and complex…). :(

and what about VSampler?
it loads all the important formats, it can stream from disk and best of all it can be run as standalone app and load vst-fx.

Ho ! Don’t know about that one ! I guess I have to try it out !

Thanks !

arrrg :(
Vsampler doesn’t support .GIG files…

oh sorry to hear i thought it would…

well the upcoming virtual sampler 3 definately supports .gig (says the webpage). there’s a beta to download, don’t know if it’s timelimited or if save is disabled…

if you don’t have really a lot .gig files you could convert them with awave into a supported format… ?

hell is not buggy :)

by the way, what do you mean by “buggy”?

what do you experience exactly?

Hi :)

first I didn’t try Kontakt outside of Renoise.

But in Renoise I’m experiencing kind of the same problems some of us have when playing on a midi keyboard in Renoise. Some notes get an instant KEY OFF when triggered… I loaded some tunes I started with Gigapiano and other “lighter” samples, same problems. It doesn’t not sound the same, the “keyoffs” especially happen when triggering 3 or more notes at a time for chords. These annoying problems happen when playing on the keyboard/synth AND during Renoise’s playback as well. So it’s absolutely not usable.

Gigapiano also takes ages to fire-up in Kontakt, up to probably 2 or minutes compared to Gigastudio that loads it in a few seconds (probably because of direct to disk ?).

My config =>
Ahtlon TB 1 Ghz, RAM:640 mb
Windows XP (Sorry I promess this will never happen again :D )
Sblive! Platinum (was very happy with it until I swapped to XP recently
:angry: ).

I thinks that’s all…

PS: Is there a way to use Kontakt not as a VSTi but as a midi synth via a virtual midi port (like gigastudio) ? Thanks.