Where to Place the Crash Cymbal

I’ve attached a short drum riff. I can’t find out what beat to place the crash cymbal on. It sounds weird on every beat. Can somebody place the crash on the appropriate beat? I want it to end off the riff.

It’s two lines up for me, but well, just put it where you like, or simply leave it away (or try some other sound) if it doesn’t sound good to you.

yeah, snare cymbal two lines up, or alternatively the last bassdrum one line down can work as well. You have a very busy rhythm going on, and also little volume dynamics in it if you know what I mean, this robot style makes things that only work together with groove dificult and is best let in simple ways alltogether.

Uh, and I got carried away playing around with your rhythm. I had a good time with it, well, I attach 4 u…you might find some of the changes I’ve done useful for making it sound a bit larger.


To me the position sounds right, but maybe you can try to change the sample and use something “lighter” instead of a crash cymbal, I’d say a ride or a nice open hat.

And possibly you would want to choke it with the closed hat right after.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that song Oops. The subtle volume and delay changes made a world of difference. I get it now. You gotta play with that stuff to make things sound less robotic. :walkman: The NOTE OFF made a huge difference choking the sound as well!

ooops, replied to wrong thread :smashed: