Which Audio Editing App Can Batch Process Wav Files To...?

Which audio editing app can batch process wav files to automatically cut a set time (let’s say 1 second) from the beginning of each WAV file and then save them?
I need to process many samples to cut silence and noises from the beginnings of them to use them in sampler, but there are too many files to hand cut them all.

Please advice.
Thanks a lot

I know Audition can do it.

Well, if all editors can do that, could somebody tell me how to do that in Wavelab or Audition please?
I saw Audition has a way to run a batch script (which probably would be the right tool) but i don’t have a clue how to write that script :(

The script is the right tool.

You start it (the script) recording, and then you do whatever you want to do with the first file. Then stop recording. Then save the script file. Then point the script at whatever other files you want to process.

and inside soundforge you can write script too…

Thank you, i already tried the thing with script and it really worked! ;)
Where do i send the beer to?

Wavosaur http://www.wavosaur.com It’s freeware