Which Audio Interface Are You Using?

I have EmulatorX (EMU 1212M)… but I can’t really give any comment as it seems I’m still not able to use it to its full potential due to what seems to be a power problem. Seems like the driver error I get when trying to use the card is related to a poor power supply. I haven’t bought myself a new power supplier yet… so I’m still using it with Directsound…and crashing every now and then… :(
I had my problems in pluggin proper cables and speakers… even because of their holes being too near one to the other on the card… and don’t really know about plugging a mic in there… seems like it’s designed to go with a mixer/some external ampli…

M-Audio Audiophile 2496, I am very satisfied and can recommend it.

“M-Audio Audiophile 2496, I am very satisfied and can recommend it.”

I agree. High quality sound in and high quality sound out. That’s it. Everything I need at home.

SB soundblaster Live! and that’s because i’m a lazy @ss who doesnt care about going to the computer store every few months to buy the hottest soundcard shite. Every 2 months a new amazing high Qual. card in the stores. :rolleyes:

If it works it works, just check these quality mixes in my signature B)

E-MU 1212m (balanced) here too. brilliant sound quality!!!
… but not the stablest drivers … u must reboot everytime your asio-application is crashed coz the driver crashing too … a little bit annoying. maybe the next driver update will fix this … but my hope is very low.

RME DIGI9636 (Hammerfall Lite). Had it for what feels like a very long time, and very happy with it (can’t imagine another soundcard being better at anything), though I’m considering moving to a Yamaha 01x + barebone or laptop since I have this as 3 PCI cards (with the addition of analog I/O cards).

i’ve got audigi2… suxxy as hell : )

i wanna buy something new… would be hi-end lynx but i don’t have money for it ; )

so what about maya44 MKII, does anyone have this soundcard?

Delta 44 … not the best converters in the world but still a very good and cheap Sound card.

I had 2 Terratec EWS88MT’s but they freaked me out with that notorious buzz if you record many channels.

now I use an X station for on the road, an ESI Quattafire for live performance and I have ordered a Presonus Firepod to take place of the Terratec’s in the studio. hope it will do fine…

Im still using my old Pulsar 1 and 2 SRB Cards (ther was a time where I could afford that..) Nowadays Id preferably use a rme system or at least an emu 1212 with that emul8tor thing.

ESI Waveterminal 192M here. I’m really satisfied with the sound quality, but I’ve never been able to go down on any good latencies. Running at 42ms now, although I can go down to 21ms with a bit more crackles as a result.

Hvad!? Det er da ikke særlig cool at du ikke kan gå længere ned i Latency end det! :S … :D

42ms… :(

Nepp, inte særlig coolt nä :( But for some reason it still sounds much tighter than running DX at 15 ms or so…? (I think someone had an explanation for this sometime but I don’t remember now…)

Edirol FA-101. Watch out for the flimsy attenuation knob on the back of the unit for inputs 7&8- mine snapped off in transit :( anyone know where replacement parts can be obtained?

MOTU 828mkII FireWire

MOTU 1224 audio interface.

mackie 32 channel line mixer

Unitor 8 8x8

SBlive with KXdrivers…

I spended lot of money on a nice amp and speakers… and this live rocks…

I would recomend people that want upgrade soundsystem… get a nice amp and speaker first…
…new soundcard… later.

are anybody using this card?

I heard it’s very good!

However, no alsa support.

what is “alsa”?