Which Country Has The Most Active Music Scene?

I’m from the U.S. were there is not a very supportive electronic music scene. Where in the world is the music scene thriving? as in, shows/parties every night/weekend.


I saw autechre in Chicago a few weeks ago along with some openers at the abbey pub. It’s basically a bar with a large stage with just as much focus on the booze stations as the performers.

There were:

a) no visuals or anything of a spectacular nature

B) no interesting perfomance aspects; diy music/midi controllers

c) they turned down the lights

d) nobody danced

e) people upstairs were mostly guys sitting down with girls sleeping on their shoulders

The inside of my car has the most active music scene in the world.

ibiza :P

no seriously. Best tekno parties are held in bedroom :yeah:

Whereever the good parties are, they are definetely not in my resident-area. Bremen, Oldenburg, Delmenhorst and all other towns in a 200 km-radius only offer stupid “lets get drunk”-parties or “hip hop”-stuff mixed with some house-sets. Booooring.

Estonia, Tallinn? There are two, more alternative techno/electronica events today. There is something almost every day. Not to count the regular nightclubs. :P

That’s the way autechre does things …turning of the lights during liveshows …Cause music is the only artform ( poetry aside ) that doesn’t need light to experience/exist

plus in the dark, nobody can see how uninterested everyone is who just paid $22 each to get in; totally their fault for not understanding art.

electronic music scene is not very specific…
techno? dubstep? house? jungle? hardcore?

the popularity varies from place to place

still, I’d say Germany or UK

Just saw venetian snares in brussels …impressive guy…

I’m from Belgium and I think we have a good music scene.

In my town Liege there are +/- 10 party every week and for 5€-10€ you can see rock, IDM, hardcore, DnB, breakcore, commercial shits, hip hop parties…

We have the “Ca jazz à Liege” jazz festival, +/- once a month there are “familly music” concerts, the opera makes some classical events…

Btw my town isn’t the more active, in Bruxelles there are lots of parties nearly every days.

Apart from my beautifull little country, I’ll say Germany for Techno,Indus,Shranz. UK for jungle, DnB, IDM. Netherlands for Hardcore,Gabber. France for lyrics singers (don’t know the english word).

Seattle has a good scene.

Last month I went to CHIPFEST!!!

I had the honour of playing in Liège once, during Full Dawa in Les Caves Du Cornillons (…?)…
Still the biggest, baddest, roughest and most massive gig I ever played… 1200 people rocking… shit!!
Impossible in Holland without at least two or three major acts.

Sounds more like something some idm bleep click netlabel would set up for its ‘fanbase’… I mean f4nb4s3

Well duh… it’s FRENCH

Out of all the countries in the world, I’d have to guess that the Vatican probably has the most active music scene.


bristol uk for sure

Don’t forget about a very tiny little country, called Holland. We got more raves as we have weekends in a year.

Polder Pill Power Punch!!!